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Vorne Participates in Lean Network Conference
Dec 7 2011

The ninth annual Lean Network Conference was held this week in Indianapolis, with the keynote address delivered by Governor Mitch Daniels and additional presentations across a wide range of lean topics (including a presentation by John Shook, CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute).

The Lean Network was founded by Honda and joins together a network of Honda suppliers that have a shared interest in developing, implementing, and measuring the lean enterprise. Vorne is honored to be one of a select group of additional companies invited to exhibit and participate in the conference.

Security Printing Company Equips Multiple Plants with XL
Nov 8 2011

A global printing company specializing in security document production and printing recently worked with one of our international partner companies to install the XL Productivity Appliance™ in two plants for an extended test and trial. That is how most XL applications begin – with a 90-day trial. After a successful trial, the decision was made to standardize on XL across seven plants, with an initial rollout across 50 production assets. And that is just the beginning!

The moral of this story – even companies that print money want to save money…with XL!

Visual Time Schedules Released for XL
Oct 19 2011

An all-new Visual Time Schedule feature has been released for XL, making it fast and easy to define when production should be running, and to trigger other time-based events (shift resets, cleanup messages, etc.). Key features include:

  • Four Views (Month, Week, Day, and Printable List)
  • Four Event Types (Shift, Break, Single, and Span)
  • Recurrence (including Day Pattern, Recurrence Range, Cancellations and Exceptions)

The Visual Time Schedules feature is available as a FREE upgrade for all XL customers. Contact Vorne at +1.877.767.LEAN or email us for more information.

XL Training Schedule – Fourth Quarter
Sep 15 2011

Training courses are a terrific way to accelerate your results with XL. Vorne offers three different training courses for XL:

Interested in joining in? Contact Vorne at +1.630.875.3600 or [email protected].

Vorne Awarded European Patent for XL Technology
Aug 3 2011

Vorne is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a European patent for unique technologies developed for the XL Productivity Appliance™. XL incorporates many innovations that make it remarkably easy to use. For example, one of the distinctive characteristics of XL is the extensive production information it provides through its browser interface – without installing any software on your network.

XL works a bit of engineering magic. It functions as a simple data collection device – with all reports and export files generated exclusively within the browser. In fact, Vorne has multiple patents pending on the technologies used to achieve this. The end result – a highly scalable solution that easily supports dozens of real-time clients – enabling XL to deliver exceptional value and remarkable results!

Vorne Announces XL Training Schedule for Third Quarter
Jul 1 2011

Vorne has released its third quarter XL training schedule, with three different training courses, each optimized for a specific goal:

  • XL Accelerated Quick Start (for new users of XL that are interested in accelerating their progress through hands-on training from XL experts; one day sessions on July 21st, August 2nd, August 11th, August 25th, and September 15th)
  • XL Expert Seminar (for XL users that want to harness the full power of the XL system through advanced training and coaching from Vorne; two day sessions on July 25th-26th and August 17th-18th)
  • Driving Improvement with XL (for team leaders and other managers that want to drive operational improvements across their teams by applying best practices for sustainable improvement; two day session on September 14th-15th)

To confirm training dates and prices contact Vorne at +1.630.875.3600 or [email protected].

Fast Results with XL Leads to Plant-Wide Expansion
Jun 7 2011

Joy Mining Machinery's Conveyor Product Operations recently selected the XL Productivity Appliance™ for a pilot OEE project in their Winfield Alabama plant. XL was selected as it met their OEE data collection needs AND provided a visual factory tool to convey real-time production data on the plant floor – a combination that helps yield fast results.

According to Jeff Farrar, an Industrial Engineer with Joy, “In our first two weeks, we saw a significant productivity improvement on the test line. Our initial success is really what drove the expansion with Vorne”. As a result Joy is rolling out XL to eleven manufacturing lines in their Winfield plant.

Vorne Publishes Article on Short Interval Control
Apr 20 2011

The core principle behind Short Interval Control (SIC) is simple: we cannot change the past; however, we can learn from it to improve the future. SIC is implemented as a series of quick reviews of performance data during the shift, each of which leads to immediate small-scale fixes that improve performance. Years of experience with SIC have shown that it can lead to significant improvements in OEE (10% to 20% improvement within two years). Want to learn more? Feel free to give us a call at +1.877.767.LEAN.

Enhanced Total Production Timeline Released for XL
Mar 22 2011

The Total Production Timeline™ is a very popular XL product feature as it provides an instant visual snapshot of production for a given asset. Vorne is pleased to announce the second generation TPT™ with two key new features:

The new TPT features are available as a FREE upgrade for all XL customers. Contact Vorne at +1.877.767.LEAN or email us for more information.

Vorne Publishes Article on Theory of Constraints
Feb 25 2011

The Theory of Constraints has broad application for manufacturing, so Vorne has published an all-new article that explains the fundamentals of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), and how TOC can be successfully integrated with lean manufacturing. One of the strong benefits of TOC is that it inherently prioritizes improvement activities. In environments where there is an urgent need to improve, TOC offers a highly focused methodology for rapid improvement.

Is there a topic in which you have a strong or special interest? Give us a call at +1.877.767.LEAN or email us at [email protected].

OEE Analytics Suite Released for XL
Jan 17 2011

A new suite of OEE analytics has been released for the XL Productivity Appliance™. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a “best practices” metric, frequently used in industry to monitor manufacturing performance. The XL OEE analytics suite features easy and intuitive data range selection (by shift, job, or time-based intervals) and extensive historical charting capabilities including Waterfall, OEE Trend, OEE Component, and OEE Loss charts.

The OEE analytics suite is available as a FREE upgrade for all XL customers. Contact Vorne at +1.877.767.LEAN or email us for more information.