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Vorne Adds XL Partner in Middle East
Dec 9 2016

We are very pleased to announce our new XL partner in the Middle East – Line Andon, who are based in Cairo Egypt.

Our principle contact at Line Andon, Mr. Hossam Sabbour has 15 years of experience with Schneider Electric as well as 10 ten years of experience as an improvement consultant with Symbios Consulting. Hossam is an extremely skilled and talented manufacturing improvement expert. We were pleased to recently host Hossam at Vorne headquarters in Chicago to complete his technical training, so Line Andon can support both new and existing XL customers in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East.

We are delighted to welcome Line Andon to our growing partner network, and our congratulations on having already deployed XL in several white goods, food, and paper manufacturing plants.

Vorne Featured in Food Engineering Magazine
Nov 16 2016

November's edition of Food Engineering assessed how to benchmark plant processes to become more competitive, and featured several contributions from the team at Vorne.

According to a recent survey by Food Engineering, 40% of food and beverage respondents implement lean manufacturing systems to benchmark and improve their operation. At Vorne, we help companies to measure and improve their OEE and we've written extensively about the popular (and frequently misinterpreted) World-Class OEE benchmark of 85%. To offer a different perspective we shared the core concept from the IDA philosophy; the idea that many companies place too much emphasis on Results (looking backwards), and not enough emphasis on improving the processes that create Results; Information, Decisions, and Action.

Read the article here.

Global Fortune 500 Equips 100 Plants with XL
Oct 4 2016

After five years of proven service in one of their manufacturing plants, the XL Productivity Appliance™ recently caught the attention of corporate engineers at a leading building products manufacturer. With the primary goal being improved manufacturing data, XL was expanded to 25 production lines across multiple plants as a large-scale proof-of-concept. The next step – a full rollout across 100 manufacturing plants.

One of the most appealing aspects of XL for this application was that it could be self-deployed by internal teams. Other key features were a range of third-party tools, a clear upgrade path, and a choice of integrated scoreboard options to provide real-time visual feedback directly to the plant floor.

Vorne Adds XL Partner in India
Aug 16 2016

We are very pleased to announce our new XL partner – Cogent Automation based in Coimbatore India.

Cogent Automation was established in 2012 and design, assemble, and install machines to improve manufacturing productivity. Cogent Automation have a 10,000 square foot facility in Coimbatore state and count automotive and pharmaceutical amongst their areas of expertise. Cogent has completed many projects in partnership with automotive companies, such as manufacturing timing chains, car door assemblies, and other complex parts.

We are delighted to welcome Cogent Automation to our ever-growing partner network. We are especially thrilled that Cogent have already deployed XL in several local pharmaceutical facilities – it's great to be off to a strong start!

XL Productivity Appliance Featured on the BBC
Jul 1 2016

UTC Aerospace Systems was recently featured on a BBC news broadcast, with many XL Productivity Appliance™ devices in full view. The UTC plant is in Wolverhampton, West Midlands UK, and specializes in hydraulic and electronic flight control systems – counting both Boeing and Airbus amongst their customers. The Wolverhampton location has over twenty (20) XL Productivity Appliances that are used to help achieve performance to takt time.

Vorne Participates in Lean Network Conference
May 16 2016

This month we participated in the 14th Annual Lean Network Conference. The Lean Network is a terrific resource where Honda and its Tier 1 automotive suppliers share manufacturing best practices. This year's conference was held in Indianapolis and featured 400 delegates, a wide range of expert speakers, hands-on workshops, plant tours and networking sessions.

We are honored to have been one of 20 companies invited to exhibit at the conference. Not only did we demonstrate our flagship XL Productivity Appliance™, we also discussed a wide range of manufacturing best practices. One of the most popular ideas we presented to delegates was the IDA methodology (Information, Decision, Action), which serves as a framework for consistently using accurate information to improve manufacturing effectiveness.

XL Earns Another Canadian Patent
Mar 9 2016

We are very pleased to announce that our XL Productivity Appliance™ has earned another Canadian patent. Innovation is a very important part of what we do here at Vorne, so it is always very exciting when our innovation is recognized.

With our patented technology, XL focuses on its role of building a great information foundation for your manufacturing operations – with precise information that enables you to drive significant improvements in manufacturing productivity. More specifically, with this patent, XL functions as a data and file server, and delegates all report generation to client web browsers. This enables each XL device to easily support dozens of simultaneous users with sophisticated user interfaces, reports, and analytics – without any need to install software. And that makes XL even easier for you!

Record Sales for 2015
Jan 11 2016

We are thrilled to announce another record year of sales!

Many thanks go out to our customers and to our partners for helping make 2015 our best year ever. Our XL Productivity Appliance™ continues to drive improvement throughout the world in 15,000+ applications and across 40+ countries. We have a lot of very exciting things in the works for 2016 – so stay tuned!