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Vorne Launches Perfect Production Site
Dec 2 2014

We are delighted to announce a brand new website featuring a broad range of topics on improving manufacturing productivity. It is at, and it already includes ten (10) topics. Some of the topics include Down Time Tips, Improve the Constraint, Leadership, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Short Interval Control, Single-Minute Exchange of Dies, and Top Losses. Let us know what you think!

XL Earns Another European Patent
Oct 10 2014

We are very pleased to announce that the XL Productivity Appliance™ has earned another European patent. Innovation is very important to what we do here at Vorne, so it is always exciting and gratifying when our innovation is recognized.

With our patented technology, XL is able to focus on its role as a data collection device – building a great information foundation for your business. More specifically, XL functions as a data and file server, and delegates all report generation to client web browsers. This enables each XL device to easily support dozens of simultaneous users with sophisticated user interfaces and analytics – without any need for installing software. And that makes XL easier for you!

The XL Fall 2014 Tour
Aug 22 2014

Summer is drawing to a close and it's time for the latest and greatest version of the XL Productivity Appliance™ to hit the road and see the world. XL will be featured at these upcoming trade shows and exhibitions:

At EMA we will also be presenting a seminar on Increasing Productivity with OEE, with a special emphasis on how to leverage and transform OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) information into effective actions that drive improved results on the factory floor.

Ten Ways to Improve Manufacturing With XL
Jul 11 2014

We are frequently asked how to integrate the XL Productivity Appliance™ with different types of manufacturing improvement initiatives and applications. Today we published a new series of articles that outline both theory and practice for six popular manufacturing improvement initiatives and four popular manufacturing applications that are enhanced by XL. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

XL Featured at Lean Network Conference
May 26 2014

We are honored and excited to have been a part of this year's annual Lean Network Conference. The Lean Network Conference provides an excellent opportunity for companies to share best practices for achieving truly world-class manufacturing. This year's conference was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana and featured a wide variety of plant tours, workshops and conference sessions. We are especially excited that two of the plant tours featured our very own XL Productivity Appliance™.

The Lean Network joins together a group of companies that have a strong and shared interest in advancing lean principles and best practices for improving manufacturing productivity. One of the ways Vorne helps promote ideas for improving manufacturing productivity is by publishing information on a variety of best practices for manufacturing.

Remote Display Feature Released for XL
Apr 30 2014

We are pleased to announce Version 1.3 of the XL Productivity Appliance™. Version 1.3 introduces the ability for one or more XL800 units to act as remote visual displays for another XL800. Sometimes a production asset monitored by XL takes up so much floor space that having multiple real-time visual scoreboards accelerates improvement by bringing high-visibility real-time information to more operators. Now, with two simple settings, it is possible to configure one XL800 to exactly copy the visual display of another XL800, updating once per second over a standard network connection.

Remote Displays is shipping now as a standard feature for XL and is also available as a free firmware upgrade.

Vorne Presents OEE at FTA (Flexographic) Annual Conference
Mar 24 2014

We are delighted to be speaking at the Flexographic Technical Association Annual Conference held in Baltimore at the end of April. The theme of this conference is “Breaking New Ground”, and we are presenting on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) as part of the Managing Press Room Efficiency session on Sunday April 27th. One of the highlights of our presentation is how to leverage IFA (Information, Focus, and Action) to improve OEE, along with a series of audits to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in your OEE implementation. See you there!

Food Production Daily Features XL Improvement Techniques
Feb 3 2014

Our goal is to help EVERY manufacturing company improve their productivity – even companies that currently don't have any budget (but do have a desire to improve). That's why we regularly publish free high-quality topics on a broad range of best practices for improving manufacturing productivity – our XL Improvement Techniques. Recently, some of these topics were highlighted by Food Production Daily. We also offer free PDF and professionally printed versions for easy distribution. Call us at +1.630.875.3600 if you would like more information – or if you have a topic you would like to see covered!

Another Year of Record Sales
Jan 10 2014

We are thrilled to announce another year of record sales! Many thanks to both our customers and to our partners for helping to make 2013 our best year ever.

Now it's time to focus on 2014! We have ambitious plans for 2014, including a lot of great new features already in development for our flagship product, the XL Productivity Appliance™. We are also continuing to publish new (and free) high-quality content to help all manufacturers who are interested in improving manufacturing productivity.