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Production Monitors

XL800 – The ultimate plant floor productivity tool, the XL800 combines real-time production monitoring with a fully graphics capable large alphanumeric display.

XL800 Data Sheet

XL600 – A powerful new twist on the classic andon, the XL600 delivers critical, real-time production data on three, four or six lines of 2.3″ ultra-bright red or tri-color LED digits.

XL600 Data Sheet

XL400 – Large, ultra-bright 4″ to 12″ tall characters combine with on-board data collection to provide a truly smart digital display.

XL400 Data Sheet

Large Digital Displays

87 Series 4″ to 12″ – The large digital “smart” display loaded with useful features such as onboard logic for count, rate, downtime, takt time, target counters, clocks, serial, analog and BCD displays.

87 Series Data Sheet

Large Alphanumeric Displays

M1000 2″ to 4.5″ – The M1000 is a messaging and graphics powerhouse featuring super-bright LEDs, a rugged industrial enclosure and a host of plant floor centric features. Free M1000 Express Pro messaging software is included cost-free.

M1000 Data Sheet

GY2200 2″ – A powerful alphanumeric display in a sleek, compact enclosure, the GY2200 delivers smooth scrolling messages. Handy back panel power and data connectors make it a breeze to install.

GY2200 Data Sheet

Panel Message Displays

2100 Series – An extremely powerful two line message display, the 2140 is available with a serial or parallel interface and two power supply options. The four line 2180 is no longer available.

2100 Series Data Sheet

2000 Series – A single line message display with astounding flexibility, the 2000 Series is available with a serial or parallel interface, many character heights, power supply and enclosure options to fit almost any panel message display application.

2000 Series Data Sheet

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