Designed to bridge the gap between giant marquees and small message displays, the GY2200 delivers advanced large marquee features in a sleek, compactly styled package. Visually magnetic 2″ tall red LED display characters command attention yet are pleasing to the eye. Imagine being able to read messages and operator alerts at distances of 75 feet and beyond.

Built exclusively for the rough industrial environment, the GY2200 features a rugged, heavy gauge aluminum enclosure that is sleek, attractive and highly durable. Back panel mounted EAC power and DB-9 data connectors make the GY2200 a truly stand alone display and eliminate the need for cumbersome fittings and expensive installation time.


Key Features

  • High-efficiency red LED display
  • 2″ font size with a full matrix display
  • Smooth scrolling up to 60 characters
  • Interface to almost any serial device
  • Simple ASCII based protocol
  • Multi-drop up to 98 discrete addresses
  • Five baud rates from 300 to 9600
  • Viewing distances of 75′ and beyond
  • Full 128 ASCII character set
  • Quick and easy DIP switch setup
  • ASCII commands to scroll, flash, more
  • 120 VAC switching power supply
  • Stand-alone top or bottom mount
  • Back panel EAC and DB-9 connectors
  • FREE expert technical support


The GY2200 is a potent marquee display with virtually limitless message display applications. The following represents a brief list of the most popular applications:

Application Description
Big Little Marquee The GY2200 is a great choice when a large marquee is too much and a small panel message display is simply not enough to deliver your message. Bright 2″ tall characters are easily read at up to 80 feet and beyond.
Line Status Display Connecting the GY2200 to PLCs and PCs is a snap with the back-mounted DB-9 connector. Simply configure your device to send simple serial ASCII commands and messages and you have a powerful large display solution.
Networked Message Display With addressable native serial communications and the ability to convert RS-232 to RS-485 the GY2200 is a natural for networked display communications. Up to 98 units can be individually addressed.

Product Description

The GY2200 delivers vibrant 2″ tall characters in a rugged compact stand-alone package enabling easy integration.

Excellent brightness, wide viewing angle and power efficiency are just a few of the reasons we selected high-efficiency red light emitting diodes (LEDs) for the GY2200 marquee. These LEDs also have an outstanding rated life – nearly 10 years of continuous operation!

The GY2200 employs a full 128 ASCII character set which includes a wide variety of symbols and international characters for excellent message versatility. A 60 character buffer allows even your longest of messages to be displayed with ease.

Communication Features

To make communications easy, the GY2200 is available with your choice of data input and output types with choices including RS-232, and RS-485 (fully compatible with RS-422 com ports). An easily accessed communications card may be changed at any time should your data handling requirements change.

Easily add a display to an existing network, or conveniently establish individual or grouped networks of displays using addressing to control the flow of data to a specific unit. Nearly one hundred individual addresses are available by simply dialing in numbers on the rotary DIP switches in each display.

Simple Setup

Convenient DIP-switch setup allows for the selection of five baud rates ranging from 300 to 9600 baud.

The number of data bits is also selectable and the GY2200 automatically recognizes carriage return <CR> and/or <LF> as a message terminator. When no line terminator is chosen the GY2200 operates in a direct mode – accepting and processing characters as received. Communicating to the GY2200 from a host device serial port can be as simple as flipping a few switches!

Simple Command Set

A powerful, yet easy-to-use ASCII command set drives the GY2200 display. Punctuate your messages with up to nine brightness levels and nine flash rates. You can even flash a selected portion of your message to call attention to important data. Add scrolling effects for longer messages and adjust the scroll speed to your liking with up to nine distinct levels of scroll rate.

Ruggedly Built

Built tough, the GY2200 enclosure is designed to survive the rough industrial environment. The chassis is crafted of heavy gauge aluminum texture painted black.

Built to last, the GY2200 utilizes threaded inserts at each and every fastening point, and the red acrylic viewing window is permanently bonded to the face plate. Simply stated, the GY2200 gives your display project a distinct look of quality.

Designed for Ease of Use

A single removable panel provides instant access to the setup and address DIP switches as well as the removable communications card. Preparing a GY2200 for use couldn't be easier!

The GY2200 is available as a stand-alone model utilizing pre-drilled mounting brackets for your convenience and can easily be set-up for top mount or bottom mount.


The following general specifications are standard for all GY2200 products.

Communication PortsSerial RS-232
Serial RS-485
Rated LED Life100,000 Hours (Typical)
Operating Temp. Range0° to 55° C (32° to 122° F)
Humidity0% to 95% Non-condensing
Power Requirements120 VAC 50/60Hz (220 VAC Optional)
10 VA (typ.)
18 VA (max.)
Weight5 lbs


The GY2200 is available in convenient stand-alone top and bottom mount versions.

GY2200 (ST or SB)4.4″ H x 20.7″ W X 2.4″ D

How to Order

GY2200-A/B-CExample: GY2200-232/485-SB

AData Type Received232 = RS-232
485 = RS-422/485
BData Type Retransmitted232 = RS-232
485 = RS-422/485
CEnclosureST = Stand alone top mount
SB = Stand alone base mount


The following prices are for single unit quantities. Volume discounts are available for purchases of (10) units or more.

GY2200Large Alphanumeric, 2″ Characters$741

Pricing for 220 VAC powered units is the same as listed above.