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A great way to leverage XL and streamline your operations is to integrate XL with your other manufacturing systems.

XL has been designed to work with almost any type of PLC, MES, ERP, or Reporting, system. Our integration partners Vetii|GROUP, are specialists at system integration and they are experts in XL.

Vetii|GROUP have worked with XL since 2005, and they combine an extremely deep knowledge of XL with standard software tools, and custom integration services. Their expert team most frequently help people to:

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Data Collection

XL Bolt-On Data Collector automatically writes data from multiple XL devices to an SQL Database on your server. The XL Bolt-On Data Collector is also a component included within the Enterprise Reporting and Email Alert solutions.

  • Archive your production data in an SQL Database.
  • Eliminate manual reporting by integrating with your existing reporting solutions.
  • Runs ‘behind the scenes’ as a simple automated windows service.
Database Integration

Enterprise Reporting

OEE Studio is an off-the-shelf reporting tool for XL. Roll-up then slice, dice, and identify your productivity losses. With a mix of standardized reports, built-in pivot tables, and the ability to create custom metrics – OEE Studio is the quickest and easiest way to identify and track improvement opportunities across your Enterprise.

  • Automatically collect data from multiple XL units and access rolled-up enterprise reporting.
  • Instantly compare lines, sites and territories with standard and custom reports.
  • Create reports that focus your team on solving problems with real data rather than assumptions.
Enterprise Reporting

Email and SMS Alerts

OEE Alert enhances your ability to manage your production processes in real time. OEE Alert provides a real time hour-by-hour report for every production asset, automated Email and SMS alerts, and text comments for historical events.

  • Line Down! Automated alerts using Email or SMS.
  • Instantly compare the hourly OEE of every process.
  • Record notes for why a down event occurred, or how you fixed it.
Email and SMS Alert

ERP Integration

OEE Connect connects your plant floor to your enterprise systems. OEE Connect provides multiple ways to manage communication between your XL Appliances and your ERP solution to create real-time production tracking.

  • ERP knows your plan: Export production standards to XL.
  • XL knows what you’re producing: Import production data from XL to your ERP system.
ERP Integration

OPC Server

XL Bolt-On OPC Server enables PLC and MES integration using the OPC communication standard. Read and write data values using your favorite OPC Client tools for bridging, paging, visualization, and more!

  • Quick deployment – pre-defined tags mean no ‘tag building’ needed.
  • Communicate with an unlimited number of XL devices.
  • Simulation mode enables configuration and testing without a device connection.
OPC Server

PLC Integration

XL Bolt-On Data Link move data from your PLC’s to the Vorne XL devices on the manufacturing floor. The XL Bolt-On Data Link drives and routes data between the Vorne XL devices, databases and other technologies. No programming required! Just browse OPC Tags and select different options for moving data in real-time.

  • Reduce the need to manually scan barcodes by sending information from your PLC to XL.
  • Automatically activate down reasons or trigger various inputs to eliminate manual data collection.
  • Send other information (such as counts) from the PLC to XL without additional inputs.
PLC Integration

Need Help Fast?

Vetii|GROUP can help! With a combination of remote and on-site support, the XL Deployment Experts at Vetii|GROUP can help you to:

  • Standardize Your Installation: The XL Configuration Review is a remote service that will ensure that all your XL devices are configured the way that you need.
  • Reboot Your Installation: The XL Asset Optimization Program is a 2.5 day onsite service that will audit, train, and equip your team to use XL.
  • Enterprise Deployment: The XL Enterprise Standardization Program is a 2.5 day onsite service with follow-up remote assistance to define and manage how XL is deployed across multiple sites.
On-Site Consulting Service