Ease of use and powerful advanced features are combined to deliver a truly innovative marquee display. The M1000 display field is controlled by a hardware state machine resulting in a very stable and visually superior display. Simple yet powerful ASCII commands provide complete control over display functions and are designed for quick and easy integration. Standard optically isolated serial ports enhance communication reliability and provide optimal electrical noise immunity even when data networks extend thousands of feet.

Specifically designed for industrial applications, the M1000 gives your data display project the high visibility it deserves. State-of-the-art AlGaAs (Aluminum Gallium Arsenide) LEDs deliver vibrant 2″ to 4.5″ super-bright display characters that command attention even in the most demanding industrial environments. AlGaAs LEDs also feature very low power consumption resulting in a cooler running, more reliable display.


Key Features

  • Super-bright red AlGaAs LEDs
  • Interfaces to serial output devices
  • Integrated RS-232/RS-422 Converter
  • Convenient ASCII-based protocol
  • Multi-drop capable to 99 addresses
  • User selectable opto-isolated ports
  • Font sizes ranging from 2″ to 4.5″
  • Viewing distances of 150′ and beyond
  • Four international character sets
  • Quick and easy DIP-switch setup
  • Graphics capable command set
  • Rugged extruded aluminum enclosure
  • Simple eyebolt hang mounting
  • Easy access to wiring terminals
  • FREE expert technical support
  • FREE M1000 Express software


The M1000 is an extremely powerful visual display with literally limitless messaging and graphics possibilities. The following represents a brief list of the most popular applications:

Application Description
Powerful Messaging Center The M1000 is a great tool to deliver messages with impact! Ultra-bright 2″ to 4.5″ tall characters and multiple lines of messaging capability, the M1000 is easily viewable to 180 feet and beyond. Native serial communications make single unit or multiple networked displays a snap to set up.
PLC Output The M1000 is well-suited for showing critical real-time production data directly from PLCs capable of delivering formatted serial output. Show real-time production data while keeping operators informed of critical process parameters.
Dynamic Message
and Graphics
The M1000 can be driven directly from a PC using free M1000 Express graphics and messaging software. Drive displays individually and/or to defined groups to deliver focus messages while broadcasting general messages to all areas. Inform, alert and motivate!
Large Marquee Remote The M1000 can be driven directly from the output of Vorne 2100 Series displays to provide large message output of real-time messages. Particularly useful when production areas span large areas and the operator is not always near the control panel.
Production Summary Combined with one or more 87 Series production monitoring displays and free 87 Express Pro software, the M1000 is capable of providing a continuously scrolling production summary of key variables or any of the data collected by the 87 Series production monitoring products.

Product Description

Designed for trouble free operation, long term reliability and remarkable ease of use, the M1000 delivers vibrant 2″ to 4.5″ characters that satisfy the most demanding large marquee display applications.

Outstanding brightness, wide viewing angle and low power consumption are just a few of the reasons we selected Aluminum Gallium Arsenide (AlGaAs) light emitting diodes (LEDs). Superb appearance aside, these LEDs also have an outstanding rated life – nearly 10 years of continuous operation! And the fine-pitch pixel spacing means your graphics and messages are crisp and easy to read.

Flexible Graphics Commands

The M1000 graphic command set provides complete control over each and every pixel in the 16 x 120 pixel matrix. Graphics commands include Absolute Dot Cursor Move, Move Pixel Cursor, and Pixel Draw. Combined with sparkle effects and the five levels of foreground and background shading, a diverse range of graphical effects can be created. Our free of charge M1000 Demo software utility includes an extensive set of font and graphics demonstration screens that can be run on any M1000 display.

International Character Sets

The M1000 supports a variety of language specific character sets that provide clear, concise communications. Supported character sets are English/Euro, Cyrillic, Slavic and Katakana.

M1000 Application Features – Optically Isolated Serial Ports

M1000 displays utilize optically isolated serial ports in order to improve electrical noise immunity – even when communications networks extend thousands of feet. Just flip a switch to select between RS-232 and RS-422 formats. There's even a handy, built-in, RS-232 to RS-422 data converter – eliminating cumbersome outboard converter boxes.

Stand-Alone or Easily Networked

Easily add a display to an existing network or conveniently establish individual or grouped networks of displays using addressing to control the flow of data to a specific unit. Nearly one hundred individual addresses are available by simply dialing in numbers on the rotary DIP switches in each display. Units with the same address will display identical data while universally addressed units will display all data received.

Simple DIP Switch Setup

Convenient DIP-switch setup allows for the selection of seven baud rates ranging from 300 to 19.2K baud. Data bits may be selected to be 7 or 8, and any one of six power-up fonts can be selected. The M1000 automatically recognizes carriage return as a message terminator.

Comprehensive Command Set

Simple and intuitive ASCII commands provide flexibility and variety in the presentation of text and graphics so that messages are delivered with maximum visual impact. Three scroll speeds, 255 blinking and inverse blinking speeds, along with intensity, foreground/background shading and sparkle effects provide a wide palette of choices for visual presentation.

M1000 Graphic Examples
M1000 Graphic Examples

Create exciting graphical images using the powerful graphic mode ASCII command set of the M1000. Unique pixel shading commands add detail and realism to images. Five levels of shading (off, dim intensity, medium intensity, bright intensity or sparkle) can be established within the spectrum of 15 overall levels of display brightness. Cursor and draw commands provide for easy graphical navigation within the M1000 display screen. Sparkle effects add life to images, creating movement for “chasing” movie marquee effects and other attention getting graphics!

Sleek Yet Tough Enclosure

The rugged, thin profile M1000 enclosure is designed specifically for industrial applications. A heavy aluminum extrusion surrounds and protects the internal circuitry while also locking in the gasketed front and back panels. Four corner keys firmly lock the entire assembly together. The attractive extrusion is black powder coated to resist scratching and corrosion while giving your project a distinct look of quality.

Easy Access Wiring

Two gasketed panels with captive mounting screws provide access to removable terminal blocks and setup DIP switches. Heavy-duty feed through wiring grommets lock power and data cables in place.

Simple Mounting

Massive steel eyebolts secured in steel blocks and fixed in a captive T-slot channel provide connection points for suspending the M1000 display.


M1000 Express is a FREE Windows® software application that enables you to quickly and efficiently develop graphics, messages and message lists in a WYSIWYG environment that can be viewed on the M1000 displays. M1000 Express comes with over 100 useful graphics and an easy to use editor for developing your own custom graphics such as your company logo.


The following general specifications are standard for all M1000 Series products.

Communication PortsSerial RS-232
Serial RS-485
Rated LED Life100,000 Hours (Typical)
Operating Temp. Range0° to 55° C (32° to 122° F)
Humidity0% to 95% Non-condensing
Power Requirements120 VAC 50/60Hz (220VAC Opt.)
30VA (typ.)
65VA (max.)


M1000 (-120 or -220)8.0″ H x 39.0″ W X 2.7″ D

How to Order

M1000-AExample: M1000-120

APower Supply120 = 120 VAC
220 = 220 VAC


The following prices are for single unit quantities. Volume discounts are available for purchases of (10) units or more.

M1000-120120 VAC Powered, Large Alphanumeric, 2″ to 4.5″ Characters$1,882
M1000-220220 VAC Powered, Large Alphanumeric, 2″ to 4.5″ Characters$1,994