Model 2140PC


Whether you're looking for a highly visible machine status display, an easy to read operator interface or a powerful PLC message unit the 2140PC provides exceptional value. Designed exclusively for industrial applications, the 2140PC offers a wealth of features and truly excels when viewing distance is important. Unlike LCDs, the large character, light emissive vacuum fluorescent display provides easy reading at distances of up to 25 feet or more.

With crystal clear viewability at distances of up to 25 feet and beyond, a feature-packed design built for the rough industrial environment and free point-and-click message programming software, the 2140PC is a great choice for your next panel message display application!

2140 Two Line Panel Message Display

Key Features

  • Vacuum fluorescent display
  • 11 mm (0.20″) Characters
  • Rugged optical quality Lexan® lens
  • Integrated RS-232/RS-422 converter
  • 18-input parallel port
  • Optically isolated I/O ports
  • Four international character sets
  • Up to 16 real-time variables
  • Nine baud rates from 300 to 76.8K
  • 1,024 message capacity
  • Powerful scripting language
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
  • Three programmable front panel keys
  • SPDT relay for annunciation use
  • High efficiency switching power supply
  • FREE Windows® programming utility
  • FREE technical support


The 2140PC is a very powerful yet flexible panel message display. The following represents a brief list of popular applications:

Application Description
Serial Message Display Data can be received from a variety of sources such as PLCs, PCs or nearly any device that can provide formatted serial ASCII data output. Serial scripts are used to drive message delivery and the operation of the unit.
Parallel Message Display The 2140PC features a 16-bit parallel port in addition to a serial communication port. Messages can be called up via the parallel port or by sending a message number serially. In addition, the 2140PC features a very powerful scripting language that allows the user to significantly customize the operation.
Drive Large Marquee
or Digital Display
The 2140PC is fully capable of driving a large format display such as the Vorne M1000 large marquee or 87 Series large digital displays. Messages are sent via the 2140's RS-232 or RS-485 serial port.
Bi-Lingual Messages Show messages in English and in an alternate language such as Spanish at the touch of a button. Or choose from the three additional resident character sets such as Slavic, Cyrillic or Katakana for even more language specific messaging options.
Emulate Similar Products Using the 2140PC's powerful scripting feature it is possible to “filter” other serial ASCII protocols to emulate the operation of similar panel message displays. The 2140PC is an excellent replacement for Cincinnati Electrosystems (CEI) models 5004D, 5009, 5010 and 5210A, Morrison Millennium 2000, Red Lion MDI and ADI, Uticor PMD and Rockwell Automation® Allen-Bradley® Dataliner™ models DL20 and DL40.

Product Description

Serial Buffered Display

Easy to use and cost effective, the 2140PC is the best choice whenever information is available in a serial RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 format. The large capacity RAM buffer can store up to 256 characters, enabling very flexible message formatting. Choose VT102 terminal emulation mode for your simplest applications. Sending data to the display is as easy as writing to a printer.

An easy-to-use ASCII based command set taps into the full power of the 2140PC. Intuitive commands handle text display, cursor control, scrolling, blinking, message timing, looping, relay operation and much more. Our unique multi-tasking environment allows independent processing of up to four simultaneous tasks. Control over the display, relay output and front panel keys is user defined, not factory imposed.

A few key presses and your 2140PC unit can be automatically configured as a slave for any other 2140PC canned message display.

Canned Message Display

Easily interfaced to PLCs and PCs the 2140PC display has an 18-bit parallel input port and storage for over 1,000 pre-programmed messages. No batteries here! All of your messages are securely stored in 128K bytes of Flash memory. And with 1,024 message slots available, running out of message space is a thing of the past. Messages can be directed to the entire display, a single line, a portion of a line or even out the com port to another display or device.

The 2140PC provides a full range of options for message call-up. Trigger messages with the parallel or serial port. Load up to 16 variables for subsequent messages. Use strobed or unstrobed parallel operation with signed or unsigned BCD or binary data formats.

The unique and powerful scripting capability of the 2140PC allows extremely flexible operation including emulation of other devices or protocols. Scripts can also be used to capture key presses or even send selected messages to other displays (such as our model M1000 large alphanumeric display or our 87 Series large digital displays).

Vorne Display-Pro® 2100
Vorne Display-Pro® 2100

A programmable display is only as good as the software used to program it. Vorne Display-Pro® 2100 programming software for the 2140PC is Windows® based and features Quick Edit – a very simple “point and click” message design environment. Quick Edit is a highly intuitive way to edit text messages with scrolling, blinking, variable data and relay operation attributes. The more advanced Script Edit unleashes the full power of the 2140PC with 16 bit integer math, flow control, I/O processing and task management features. And of course the software is yours free of charge!


Communication PortsSerial RS-232
Serial RS-485
18-bit Parallel
Rated Life50,000 Hours (To half brightness)
Operating Temp. Range0° to 55° C (32° to 122° F)
Humidity0% to 95% Non-condensing
Power Requirements120 VAC 50/60Hz, 20 Watts
AnnunciationSPDT Relay, 120VAC, 1A


The 2140PC mounts in the user's panel through a rectangular cutout and is secured with four 10/32 hex nuts to threaded studs located at the corners of the bezel.

Panel Cutout3.8″ H x 11.3″ W
Front Panel4.5″ H x 12.0″ W
Enclosure Depth4.9″

How to Order

2140A-BExample: 2140PC-120

ASerial Buffered or Parallel CannedPC = Parallel Canned
BPower Supply120 = 120 VAC


The following prices are for single unit quantities. Volume discounts are available for purchases of (10) units or more.

2140PC-1202-Line, Canned Message, Panel Mount, 11 mm (0.20″) Characters$947

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