87 Series


Want to improve your production efficiency through real-time visual monitoring? Have a key process variable you want everyone to see? With eight different models and eighteen available display variables the 87 Series offers unmatched versatility in a large digital display at a great price. Choose one of our production display models to monitor count, rate, down time, cycle time, target count, efficiency or variance. Or select one of our data display models to show time of day, production goals, or to provide analog, BCD, parallel or serial to digital conversion. Perfect for “visual factory” initiatives. The 87 Series is available in a configuration for almost every application.

  • Data visibility up to 320′ and beyond
  • On-board production monitoring
  • Virtually limitless display combinations

A visual display should do more than just work well – it should also look great! Our meticulously crafted display digits feature super-bright red AlGaAs LEDs with a full 160° viewing angle to ensure that you can read the display from virtually anywhere on your plant floor. We also offer dynamic tri-color digits for extra visual impact. Add a choice of three character heights from 4″ to 8″ tall and it's easy to select an 87 Series display that's ideal for your application.

Image of the Vorne 87 series scoreboards.
87 Series (Large 4″ to 8″ Digits)

Key Features

  • 4″, 6″, or 8″ digits
  • Bright red AlGaAs LEDs standard
  • Tricolor LEDs optional
  • Up to 12 digits per display
  • Up to four variables per display
  • Programmable inputs
  • RS-232 communication port
  • RS-422/485 data acquisition option
  • Scale factors and presets
  • Industrial hang-mount enclosure
  • DIP switch setup for most applications
  • 160+ PC programmable parameters
  • Free programming software
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • FREE expert technical support


The 87 Series is an extremely powerful visual display with literally limitless configurations. The following represents a brief list of popular applications:

Target Count, Actual Count, % EfficiencyOne of the most popular applications, this configuration provides a takt-based target field, an actual count and a calculated percent efficiency. The real-time nature of this display helps operators pace the line and meet goals. Variances of this product include target, actual and difference or piece variance. The target count can also be displayed as a static job or shift goal.
Count, Current Rate, DowntimeAnother very popular application, this one covers it all and in real-time. Show the total count, the current run rate per minute or hour and total accumulated downtime. The versatility of the 87 Series allows for individual display fields or scroll all variables using color to discern between the individual values.
Serial DataThe Universal Parser feature of the 87/232 makes it easy to display the serial output from almost any device that sends a serial RS-232 or RS-485 signal. Applications include scales of all types including truck and check-weigh scales, level, depth, flow, humidity, load, force, pH, pressure, speed, shock, strain and torque information.
Real-Time ClockThe 87/232 combined with the 87/708 standard accuracy clock chip provides a great time of day clock solution for industrial facilities of all types. Use FREE Clock 87 software to drive an array of networked clock displays with individual offsets and full synchronization.
Analog to DigitalA number of standard analog input types are supported (0–10 VDC, 4–20 mA, 0–100 VDC, etc.). Convert your analog signal to a scaled digital numeric output for speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and countless other applications.

Product Description

87/256 Counter

Totalize inputs from one or two sources with a unique scale factor for each input. Two data inputs allow independent increment/decrement count operation or quadrature encoder inputs. Or use one of the data inputs to toggle to a rate display! Preset and trigger capabilities are also standard.

87/415 Rate Monitor

Display rate per hour, minute or second, scaled to any engineering unit you desire. Built in smoothing options provide a stable yet responsive rate display. A switch input can be used to toggle the display between rate and total count and limits can be set to trigger at any pre-determined rate values. You can even select automatic display of down time if the rate falls to zero!

87/705 Timer

Time in fractional or unit seconds, minutes, hours, or even days, with ten millisecond resolution. Displays can be ordered in a clock format (with colons) or standard format. Select from dozens of display formats. Time up or down from preset values or simply accumulate elapsed time.

87/805 Efficiency Display

Display production efficiency in your choice of terms – Percent of Goal, Over/Under Target Pace or Pace Counts. Input production and pace counts or let the display compute pace counts based upon user selectable takt-time increments.

Image of the Vorne 87 series hand-held terminal.
87/003 Hand-Held Terminal

A hold input suspends counts during breaks, shift changes or other scheduled work stoppages.

Want on line access to your 87 Series displays? Our 87/003 Hand-Held Terminal allows you to view and modify presets, scale factors and more for individual or networked 87 Series displays. Power is provided by the 87 Series display. The standard 24 key keypad and 4 line by 20 character LCD display help make this terminal extra easy to use.

87/232 Serial Display

Versatility makes this unit shine. Select optically isolated RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 communication.

Choose from eight baud rates, 256 addresses and four communication modes. Easily connect dozens or even hundreds of displays in a multi-drop network. Choose simple data plus line terminator communication or the more advanced packet protocol communication (with optional checksum). You can even use our universal mode to define your own protocol and drive the display from virtually any controller, scale, panel meter, master clock or other device that transmits a repetitive serial data string.

87/708 Real-Time Clock Option

Select the standard 87/708 Real-Time Clock option and your 87 series display will function as a rugged industrially hardened clock. Set time from a PC, PLC, GPS, master clock or 87 hand-held terminal. And since these clocks are based on the powerful 87/232 platform they can be easily networked for synchronized and accurate company wide time display using FREE Clock 87 software.

87/719 Analog Input Card Option

A 16 bit Sigma-Delta converter provides precise readings and self calibration with excellent temperature stability. Display ranges are field programmable and smoothing options provide a stable yet responsive display. Standard ranges include 4–20 mA, 0–1 Volt, 0–5 Volts, and 0–10 Volts (additional ranges available). Relay output card functionality is standard. Simply plugs into the 87/232 serial display.

87/712 BCD Input Card Option

Load up to four digits of parallel BCD, eight digits of multiplexed BCD or 16 bits of binary data with this 16-bit parallel input card. Has wide range (3 to 30 volts DC) source/sink inputs. Relay output card functionality is standard. Simply plugs into the 87/232 serial display.

Image of the Vorne Display-Pro software interface.
Vorne Display-Pro®

For advanced display applications, nothing beats Vorne Display-Pro® 4 software for providing simple yet powerful setup of your 87 Series display. Over one hundred programmable parameters are at your fingertips in a point and click environment that is consistent throughout the 87 Series family of products. Addresses, ID tags, trigger points, presets, scale factors, input characteristics, display ranges and much more are all easily modified. And of course the software is yours free of charge.


The following general specifications are standard for all 87 Series products.

Rated LED Life100,000 Hours Typical
Operating Temp. Range0° to 55° C (32° to 122° F)
Humidity0% to 95% Non-condensing
Power Requirements90–230 VAC 50/60Hz


All 87 Series displays share the same depth of 3.2″. The height is 8.4″ for 4″ digit models, 10.4″ for 6″ digit models, and 12.4″ for 8″ digit models. The widths are as follows based on display configuration:

Digit Height3 Digit4 Digit4 Clock6 Digit6 Clock8 Digit12 Digit

How to Order

87/XXX-AB-CD Example: 87/256-4D-4

XXXModel Type

232 = Serial Input

256 = Event Counter

415 = Rate Monitor

705 = Programmable Timer

805 = Efficiency Display

ADigit Height

4 = 4″

6 = 6″

8 = 8″

BDisplay Type

D = Discrete LED Digit

CNumber of Digits

3, 4, 6, 8, or 12

4C or 6C (clock formats)

DDisplay Color

TR = Tricolor (4″ only)

No Designator = Red


The following prices are for single unit quantities. Volume discounts are available for purchases of 10 units or more.

Digit Type3 Digit4 Digit4 Clock6 Digit6 Clock8 Digit12 Digit
4″ Discrete Tricolor$530$592$610$717$752$841$1,089
6″ Discrete Red$669$762$785$950$995$1,136N/A
8″ Discrete Red$955$1,101$1,141$1,391N/AN/AN/A


Following is a list of available options for 87 Series products.

87/001Communication Card$87
87/002Relay Output Card$29
87/003Hand-Held Terminal $262
87/708Standard Accuracy RTC$29
87/712BCD Input Card$87
87/719Analog Input Card$117