XL Firmware Versions

Version 1.4 New Features (v1.4.7 – April 2017)

Version 1.4 introduces a fast and easy way to hide and restore Shifts and/or Jobs.

Hide Shifts and Jobs

Quickly hide unwanted information.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, someone on your team can make a mistake that undermines the integrity of your data for a Shift or Job. Now XL includes a fast and easy way to “hide” any such Shifts and/or Jobs so that your trend information and other reports only have clean data. And it's just as easy to restore the information!

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Hide Shift feature in Vorne XL firmware

Version 1.3 New Features (April 2014)

Version 1.3 introduces the ability for one or more XL800 units to act as remote visual displays for another XL800.

Remote Displays

Multiple displays for large production assets.

Sometimes a production asset monitored by XL takes up so much floor space that having multiple real-time visual scoreboards accelerates improvement by bringing high-visibility real-time information to more operators. Now, with two simple settings, it is possible to configure one XL800 to exactly copy the visual display of another XL800, updating once per second over a standard network connection.

Remote production scoreboards – Vorne XL

Version 1.2 New Features (December 2013)

Version 1.2 introduces IFA (Information, Focus, Action) as a new XL Improvement Technique. IFA resonates very strongly with companies seeking new ways to drive improved results. Also included are checklists for applying IFA to OEE improvement initiatives (one of the most important applications for XL).

Information, Focus, Action

An important way to improve results.

Most companies place too much emphasis on results and too little emphasis on the three factors that drive results: Information (the basis for effective decisions), Focus (making effective decisions), and Action (transforming decisions to results). IFA teaches employees to improve results by achieving an optimal balance of Information, Focus, and Actions.

Information, Focus, Action – XL Firmware

OEE Improvement Checklists

Apply IFA to your OEE initiative.

For a quick health check on the effectiveness of your OEE improvement initiatives test them from the perspective of IFA. A ten-point checklist is supplied for each IFA factor: Information, Focus, and Action.

OEE Improvement Checklist – XL Firmware

Version 1.1 New Features (September 2013)

Version 1.1 introduces Improvement Techniques, a library of practical topics for improving manufacturing productivity. Learn best practices and apply them to your manufacturing process.

Down Time Tips

10 practical tips for reducing Down Time.

Down Time is the largest source of lost production time for most manufacturers. Here are some practical tips for reducing Down Time that don't require a lot of outside support.

Downtime tips – XL Firmware


Inspire others and accelerate change.

Inspire others to do their best work and you leverage your most important resource – people. Leadership is a learned skill. Improve your effectiveness as a leader and you improve your ability to create and accelerate change.

Leadership – XL Firmware

Top Losses

Attack your top sources of lost production.

Time is precious, so spend that time fixing the most important things — your top sources of lost manufacturing productivity. Track your Top Losses. Pick the biggest actionable loss. Fix it. Repeat.

Top Losses – XL Firmware

Improve the Constraint

Identify. Measure. Improve.

Each manufacturing process has a constraint (bottleneck). Focusing improvement efforts on the constraint is the fastest path to improved productivity.

Improve the Constraint – XL Firmware

Short Interval Control

Small actions add up to large improvements.

Quick and focused reviews of performance data during the shift enable ongoing course corrections and small-scale fixes that collectively result in significant improvements in performance. Look at the immediate past to guide actions for the immediate future.

Short Interval Control – XL Firmware

Single-Minute Exchange of Die

Reduce changeovers to under 10 minutes.

Changeover times can typically be reduced to less than 10 minutes (i.e., single-digit minutes). Analyze each element of the changeover to see if it can be separated (moved external to the changeover), converted (modified to be external), or streamlined.

SMED – XL Firmware

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

A yardstick for manufacturing productivity.

OEE measures how close you are to perfect production (manufacturing only good parts, as fast as possible, with no down time). It is a great metric for benchmarking progress in improving manufacturing productivity (i.e., eliminating waste).

OEE – XL Firmware


Small tasks. Big focus. Get things done.

Deliver small chunks of business value in short release cycles. For each cycle, choose whatever will deliver the most value and get it done. Do away with complicated master plans and be evolutionary and adaptive.

Agile manufacturing – XL Firmware

Version 1.0 New Features (June 2013)

Top Losses

Blinding clarity on what to fix next.

Instantly identify your most significant sources of lost production time. High-impact visuals, trend indicators and sparklines (miniature graphs) convey the entire story in a single glance. A great tool for prioritizing focus and actions. Recommended for daily or weekly production meetings.

Top Losses – XL Firmware

Job Recipes

Instantly create barcode sheets.

XL now stores information for 500 parts and 100 jobs as configurable “recipes”. Integrated barcode printing makes it extremely easy to generate barcode sheets for parts or jobs.

Job Barcodes – XL Firmware

Split Events

Distinguish sequential breakdowns.

Ever have multiple breakdowns in a row? Now each breakdown can be separately logged with its own reason.

Total Production Timeline – XL Firmware

Streamlined Navigation

Easier access to everything XL.

XL features are now organized around five simple and intuitive themes making it easier than ever to use XL. The themes are: View, Analyze, Improve, Learn, and Administer.

Streamlined Navigation – XL Firmware

Run Event End Adjustment

Tune downtime for your application.

Control where XL marks the transition between Run and Down when downtime is automatically detected. Options for the last run cycle include: No Time, Ideal Cycle Time, Typical Cycle Time (recommended), Slow Cycle Threshold, and Full Stop or Zero Rate.

Run Event End Adjustment – XL Firmware

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