Vorne improves the bottom line of companies just like yours by delivering actionable, real-time information to your enterprise!

Vorne data collection and visual display products are used around the world at thousands of companies representing nearly every industry. We use our application experience and on-going lean manufacturing research to provide above and beyond value at a great price.

The fact is, whatever your goal – increasing productivity, reducing down time, or enhancing communication – Vorne products are an outstanding choice!

Production Monitors

XL Productivity Appliance – XL is a “bolt-on” smart device that provides you with plant-wide real-time data visibility and a comprehensive set of performance management tools. It combines six products in one simple package including a visual display, production monitor, data warehouse, I/O processor, embedded server, and programming platform.

XL800 Large Alphanumeric Graphics Display – A visually expressive graphics display embeds real-time performance data into a virtually unlimited number of screens – instantly responding to plant-floor events as they occur.

XL800 Large Alphanumeric Graphics Display

XL600 Large Digital Multiple Line Display – A powerful twist on the classic Andon featuring 2.3″ (57 mm) ultra-bright digits. Reversible legend plates and configurable display fields make it easy to reconfigure the display at any time.

XL600 Large Digital Multiple Line Display

XL400 Large Digital Single Line Display – A low cost entry-level model with a 4″ (10 cm) smart display. Show count or rate during normal operation, down time when the line goes down, and remaining time during breaks.

XL400 Large Digital Single Line Display

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Barcode Scanners

XL Barcode Kits

XL Barcode Kits – Vorne offers a variety of barcode scanner kits for use with the XL Productivity Appliance™, ranging from our economical Light Industrial 2D Wired Kit to our advanced Industrial 2D Wireless kit. Each kit includes everything you need to get up and running. With the ability to generate the barcodes directly from XL, it is truly easy to assign the correct downtime reasons or trigger programs.

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Large Digital Displays

87 Series Large Digital Numeric 4″ to 12″

87 Series Large Digital Numeric 4″ to 12″ – The large digital “smart” display loaded with useful features such as onboard logic for count, rate, downtime, takt time, target counters, clocks, serial, analog and BCD displays. The power-packed 87 hits the mark with features like an integrated serial port, rugged gasketed enclosure and super-bright LED digits.

Large Alphanumeric Displays

M1000 Large Alphanumeric Text and Graphic 4″

M1000 Large Alphanumeric Text and Graphic 4″ – The M1000 is a messaging and graphics powerhouse featuring super-bright LEDs, a flexible communications protocol, a rugged industrial enclosure and a host of plant floor centric features. Designed to deliver dynamic messaging with impact, the M1000 is also fully networkable and can interface to almost any serial host device.

GY2200 Large Alphanumeric Text 2″

GY2200 Large Alphanumeric Text 2″ – A powerful alphanumeric display in a sleek, compact enclosure, the GY2200 delivers smooth scrolling messages. The GY2200 is fully networkable and addressable. Productivity enhancing features like back panel power and data connectors, stand-alone or panel mount enclosures and quick and easy DIP switch set up are standard on the GY2200.

Panel Message Displays

2140 Two Line Panel Message

2140 Two Line Panel Message – Available with serial or parallel interface and two power supply options, the model 2140 is an extremely powerful panel message display. Designed to stand up to the rough industrial environment, the 2140 is loaded with useful tools such as a powerful scripting language, front panel function keys and free Display-Pro® 2100 programming software.

2000 Single Line Panel Message

2000 Single Line Panel Message – A message display with astounding flexibility, the 2000 Series is available with a serial or parallel interface, three character heights, three power supply options and three enclosure types to fit almost any panel message display application. Preferred light-emissive vacuum fluorescent display technology makes panel indicator lights a thing of the past. Display-Pro® programming software is available FREE of charge!

Legacy Products

Vorne has provided rugged automation products exclusively for the industrial manufacturing environment for over 30 years. During this time we have discontinued some Vorne products. For more information regarding Vorne products that are no longer manufactured please contact Vorne Support or click on the provided link.

Discontinued Vorne products