Why Buy Vorne? (Top 10 Reasons)


Since 1970 our passion (and obsession) has been to provide productivity enhancing products that work harder, last longer and provide better value than anything else available! What this means to you – EXPERIENCE!

We know our customers aren't just looking for a display, they seek enhanced productivity, increased morale, improved communications or simply the ability to know how many units were produced this shift. We know what works and what doesn't for most any industry and are happy to help you.

Please take a moment to see why your next call should be to Vorne.

1. Reliability

All Vorne products go through rigorous testing to ensure that they are industrial tough. Every unit must operate flawlessly through an elevated temperature burn-in and is functionally tested in our QC department before it leaves our door. We understand downtime and what it means to your business.

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2. Support

Need help? Sometimes it just helps to talk to a real person. Support is always just a phone call or email away and FREE to our customers. Plus, you speak directly to an engineer not someone reading a script.

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3. Free Demos

Our solutions work and we're ready to prove it! FREE 90-day trial units are always available for qualified applications. We know of no better way for you to experience first hand the quality, performance and value our products deliver.

4. Track Record

More than 70% of our annual business is repeat or referral. Our customers trust us to provide them with solutions that work – so much so that they regularly refer their friends, colleagues and co-workers to us.

5. Sales

Vorne salespeople have real world manufacturing experience and are lean-trained. The assistance we provide is based on knowledge and experience. If we don't have the right product for you we'll do our best to refer you to someone that can help, even if it's a competitor.

6. Quick Ship

We stock our most popular products for immediate shipment. And since each unit is built from tested subassemblies, we can produce most other models in just a couple days. Vorne products are designed to be versatile – what most other manufacturers consider custom is standard for us.

7. Warranty

Our three-year limited warranty leads the industry and shows the confidence in the products we manufacture. In some cases our products test at double world-class standards. Overkill engineering? You bet! Why, because we know what downtime costs you.

8. Pricing

Our product pricing is fully exposed. There are no cat and mouse games trying to figure out what you'll pay for a Vorne product. We are the factory direct manufacturer and maintain complete control over our pricing.

9. Fast ROI

Plant floor productivity enhancing tools are our only focus. Our passion for manufacturing efficiency helps us to design products that deliver extremely fast ROI.

10. We’ll Help

We know what we are doing 98.7% of the time (we're also honest) and when we don't we'll make it right!

If you haven't already, please call. We encourage you to try a Vorne display cost-free for 90-days for qualified applications.

Call us +1.630.875.3600.

What's included in your 90-day free trial?
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