Tech Specs

Processing Core32-bit 1 GHz ARM Processor4 GB Flash Memory512 MB RAMDigital Inputs and Outputs(8) 5 to 24 VDC, Sink or Source(1) (1) SPDT, 30 VDC or 250 VAC at 1A, resistive load only Relay OutputCom Ports(1) IEEE 802.3, 10/100 Mbps, Auto-MDIX, RJ-45 Ethernet(2) RS-232, 300 to 115.2k baud, full-duplex Serial
Install Specs
Voltage100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60HzPowerXL810-1: 80WXL810-2: 160WXL610: 50WXL410: 30WEnvironmental0º to 50ºC ambient5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)Dimensions and WeightXL810-1: 26.2 x 13.7 x 3.5 in / 19 lbXL810-2: 50.2 x 13.7 x 3.5 in / 33 lbXL610: 31.0 x 15.9 x 3.5 in / 23 lbXL410: 23.4 x 8.4 x 3.5 in / 9 lb
Built-In Reports
Full-featured reporting and analytics including built-in reports and instant export to Microsoft Excel.MonitorAll Production: Advanced Analytics: Production Overview, Target Overview, Counts, Reject Count, Cycles, Cycle Times, Cycle Time Audit, Production Time, Run Time, Down Time, OEE Factors, OEE Lost Time, Six Big Losses, Six Big Losses Time, TEEP Overview, TEEP Factors, Hidden FactoryAndon: Production Overview, OEE, OEE Losses, Production Time, Speed (PPH), Speed (PPM)Timeline: Efficiency, OEE, Production State, Part Efficiency, Part OEE, Part Labor EfficiencyTotal Production Timeline™ScoreboardAnalyzeAdvanced Analytics: Production Overview, Target Overview, Counts, Reject Count, Cycles, Cycle Times, Cycle Time Audit, Production Time, Run Time, Down Time, OEE Factors, OEE Lost Time, Six Big Losses, Six Big Losses Time, TEEP Overview, TEEP Factors, Hidden FactoryOEESix Big LossesTEEP (Hidden Factory)Down TimeChangeoverPerformence LossQuality LossTeams and LaborImproveTop LossesView Comments
Custom Reports
Create custom Dashboards by combining any of our nine widgets to craft your perfect production report. You can use the floating toolbar to add a new section, move or delete an existing section, and choose between eight different column layouts. You can also add collapsible headings to any section, and drag-and-drop widgets to easily rearrange your dashboard layout.WidgetsAndonChartChronogramEvent ListKPIKPI GroupPivot TableTableTop Losses
Dimensions are descriptive (qualitative or categorical) attributes of data. XL includes 20 dimensions:Production-BasedShift, Ordinal Shift, Part, Job, Team, Production State, Reasons, Reject Reasons, Impact, Production PhaseAsset-BasedEnterprise, Site, Area, Work CenterTime-basedHour, Day, Day of Week, Week, Month, Quarter, Year
XL includes over 100 metrics (available both in real-time and for historical analytics) within 10 groups (Download Metric List):Count MetricsIn Count, Good Count, Reject Count, Total Count, End of Line Count, WIP CountStartup Rejects, Production RejectsPercent Good, Percent RejectCycle MetricsCurrent Cycle Time, Previous Cycle Time, Current Ideal Cycle TimeRun Cycles, Small Stops, Partial Cycles, Total Cycles, Equipment CyclesIdeal Time, Run Cycle Lost Time, Small Stop Lost Time, Partial Cycle Lost Time, Total Cycle TimeAvg. Ideal Cycle Time, Avg. Cycle Time, Avg. Run Cycle Time, Avg. Small Stop TimeLabor MetricsCurrent Team Size, Team SizeCurrent Target Labor per Piece, Target Labor per PieceTotal Labor, Earned Labor, Lost LaborPieces per Labor Hour, Good Pieces per Labor HourLabor per Piece, Labor per Good PieceLabor EfficiencyTarget MetricsCurrent Takt Time, Target Cycles, Target CountPace Timer, Takt TimePercent Variance, Time Variance, Count VarianceEfficiencyPlanning MetricsGoal Count, Good Count Left, Percent DoneRate MetricsCurrent In Speed PPM, Current In Speed PPHCurrent Good Speed PPM, Current Good Speed PPHCurrent Reject Speed PPM, Current Reject Speed PPHCurrent Total Speed PPM, Current Total Speed PPHCurrent End of Line Speed PPM, Current End of Line Speed PPHIn Speed PPM, In Speed PPHGood Speed PPM, Good Speed PPHReject Speed PPM, Reject Speed PPHTotal Speed PPM, Total Speed PPHEnd of Line Speed PPM, End of Line Speed PPHIn Rate PPM, In Rate PPHGood Rate PPM, Good Rate PPHReject Rate PPM, Reject Rate PPHTotal Rate PPM, Total Rate PPHEnd of Line Rate PPM, End of Line Rate PPHTarget Rate PPM, Target Rate PPHRate EfficiencyProduction Time MetricsRun Time, Down Time, Planned Stop Time, Not Scheduled TimePercent Run, Percent Down, Percent Planned StopLast Run Time, Last Down Time, Last Planned Stop Time, Last Not Scheduled TimeTarget Time, Event Target, Event Efficiency, Event Variance, Event Time VarianceElapsed Time, Remaining Time, Remaining Percent, Production Phase Remaining TimeManufacturing Time, Production Time, All TimeMTBF, MTTRCalendar Day Number, Production Day Number, Duration, Start Time, End TimeOEE MetricsOEE, Availability, Performance, QualityFully Productive TimeOEE Loss, Availability Loss, Performance Loss, Quality LossOEE Lost Time, Availability Lost Time, Performance Lost Time, Quality Lost TimeSix Big Loss MetricsDown Loss, Planned Stop Loss, Cycle Loss, Small Stop Loss, Startup Reject Loss, Production Reject LossDown Lost Time, Planned Stop Lost Time, Cycle Lost Time, Small Stop Lost Time, Startup Reject Lost Time, Production Reject Lost TimeTEEPTEEP, Utilization, Schedule Loss, Schedule Lost Time, Hidden Factory Time, Production Loss, Production Lost Time
Every XL includes a 3-year limited warranty (parts and labor).
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