The XL Productivity Appliance™ is an extremely flexible and powerful tool for improving manufacturing productivity. Our goal with XL is simple – make it incredibly easy for you to achieve unprecedented improvements in manufacturing productivity.

To give you a better sense of how XL can help, we have put together a collection of popular manufacturing applications that are enhanced by XL.

The XL Productivity Appliance surrounded by reports.


OEE Displays

Deliver Real-Time OEE to Your Entire Team

Displaying your OEE score in real-time brings an entirely new momentum to OEE improvement initiatives. OEE reports are usually only available to managers as a record of what happened in the past. You can learn from the past – but you can't change it. On the other hand, you can most definitely change the future, and the best way to do that is to take action today – preferably right now.

Displaying OEE or related metrics in real-time enables supervisors to proactively set live targets, and enables your production team to immediately see the results of their improvement actions.

Track and Display OEE in Real-Time

XL device showing an OEE score of 70.7%, Availability of 76.1%, Performance of 94.8%, and Quality of 97.8%.

Production Counters

Supersize Your Counts

Use production counters for much more than just counting – use them to drive improved productivity. Did you know that with just two sensors you can generate literally dozens of meaningful and insightful metrics that will help you improve manufacturing productivity? Metrics like Down Time, Run Time, Cycle Time, First Pass Yield, Efficiency, OEE, TEEP, and so, so many more.

Explore the World of Production Counters

Shift report showing KPIs for Good Count, OEE, and Down Time, with a KPI Detail below.


Win the Shift

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a proven tool for aligning the actions of individuals. They focus a disparate group of people into a high-performance team. When KPIs are used in manufacturing there is an extra dimension to consider – the importance of communicating real-time KPIs to plant floor employees.

Scoreboards are an ideal way to communicate real-time KPIs to your plant floor team. We recommend that you design real-time scoreboards to communicate three types of information: Expectations (“Where should we be?”), Performance (“Where are we?”), and Achievement (“How are we doing?”).

Encourage Your Teams to “Win the Shift”

XL device showing a Target of 6,184, an Actual of 5,834, Efficiency of 94.3%, and Down Time of 1 hour, 27 minutes, and 25 seconds.

Takt Time

The Rhythm of Production

One of the core Lean Manufacturing principles is to use Takt Time to match the pace of production to customer demand. In practice, many companies choose to use Takt Time in a slightly different way – to pace actual production to the expected rate of production (the customer in this case being an “internal” entity).

Paying attention to Takt Time will help you develop a steady rhythm in production and make it much easier to know if you are ahead, behind, or right on schedule.

Use Takt Time to Set the Rhythm of Manufacturing

Report with a KPI for Efficiency and a table with a historical efficiency analysis.