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We are absolutely passionate about helping people like you improve manufacturing productivity. Explore Services from Vorne to learn more about the many ways we can support you and your team, and help you drive improvements at your company.

A Brief Introduction

Our services are focused on accelerating improvement and enhancing success. Services leverage our XL platform, our deep expertise in manufacturing metrics, our array of improvement tools, and our people-first approach… all in service of you.

We have increased our OEE by an average of 20 points and our downtime is down by 15 to 20%...Vorne has been a trusted partner in our journey, providing us the tools and support to help us improve our productivity.

L.C. | Manufacturing Engineer | Global Auto Parts Supplier

Our Advisors

Our team of advisors are experts on the XL platform and improvement methodologies, and they are very enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, experience, and skills. We start by listening to your specific needs and challenges, and based on our deep experience working with 1,000+ companies on 35,000+ XL installs, pair you with a dedicated advisor whose overriding goal is your success.

Our Services

Here are a few of the many ways we can help. Need something a little different? No problem - let’s talk!

Master OEE

OEE is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing improvement. As publishers of, not only do we have a thorough understanding of OEE, we also take great joy in sharing that expertise. We can answer your questions, fill in gaps in your knowledge, provide a real-world, practical perspective, and deep dive into the specifics of OEE, Six Big Losses, and TEEP.

XL Expert Training

We will walk you through everything XL - from metrics and dimensions to leveraging dashboards and reports, auditing your data, and providing tips for optimal configuration for your specific application. This is a great way to develop your own internal XL SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) or to reenergize an existing deployment.

Your Perfect Reports

This is a fun and very hands-on topic. You probably already know that XL includes a wealth of built-in reports, but in our experience, everybody has their own idea of the perfect report. You'll describe your ideal reports, and we’ll quickly help you create them in XL. We’ll share best practices and help you design actionable and insightful reports for all levels of your company - strategic, tactical, and operational.

Operator Training

We’ll work with you to create a highly effective training deck that is specific to your company and your team. We will focus on the areas that will have the greatest impact and most relevance to your manufacturing process. You will walk away with a training deck that is personalized just for your plant floor team, and you'll gain in-depth knowledge on all the covered topics.

More Topics

Here are a few more examples of how we can help. We can:

Our Guarantee

Our Services are backed by a simple guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the value you receive, pay nothing.

Our Pricing

One of the unique aspects of Services from Vorne is that we offer options to fit every budget. Select from four acceleration levels - Stretch, Walk, Run, Sprint. Each level up harnesses more of our expertise, perspective, and time to further accelerate your progress.

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We encourage you to select the least expensive package that you think you may need. A little bit of our time can go a long way towards helping you.
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You access learning materials from any of our three sites:,, and We answer your questions through our free technical support.FREE
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Includes 4 hours of remote training that you may split across as many as four sessions. This level is perfect for quick and focused coverage of one topic.$890
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Includes 12 hours of remote training that you may split across as many as six sessions. This level is best if you would like to touch on multiple topics.$2,400
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Includes 32+ hours delivered as 12 hours of remote training, then 12+ hours onsite (split across two days), and then 8 hours of remote followup training. Onsite visits are arranged to arrive in the morning, work late into the day, and depart early afternoon the next day. This level is ideal if you prefer onsite assistance.$6,900 + travel
What's included in your 90-day free trial?
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