XL Models and Pricing


The Vorne XL Productivity Appliance™ is a “bolt-on” smart device that provides accurate and automated manufacturing data to operators, engineers, and managers. XL is available in four model versions.

The following prices are for single unit quantities, volume discounts are available. The prices below are for systems sold in the USA and Canada. For International Prices please click here.

Model PageScoreboardPrice (USD)
XL HD Productivity ApplianceHDMI Output$3,990
XL810-1 Productivity ApplianceAlphanumeric (1 Zone)$4,190
XL810-2 Productivity ApplianceAlphanumeric (2 Zone)$4,990
XL610 Productivity ApplianceDigital (6 Digit 2.3″ x 3 Line)$3,590

This page includes information shared by all XL models. The only difference between each model is the scoreboard. For more information, visit the XL Product Page.

To monitor your manufacturing process, simply provide one or two sensor inputs and a network connection. There’s no software to install, no changes to your PLC code, and no recurring costs. Simple. Easy.

Image of XL 810-1 production display board and monitoring reports.
Our most popular model, the XL810-1, is a factory-floor scoreboard with built-in reporting for $4,190.

Try XL for 90 Days

Every one of our 35,000+ deployments started with a trial. XL is easy to deploy, simple to use, and you’ll see results immediately. If you would like to learn more about XL, we invite you to try it in your plant, free for 90 days.

Barcode Scanner Pricing

Model NumberDescriptionPrice (USD)
93-0197Light Industrial Barcode Kit$298
93-0227Light Industrial Wireless Barcode Kit$698
93-0228Industrial Barcode Kit$498
93-0245Industrial Wireless Barcode Kit$998

User Manuals and Presentations

We’ve created a variety of presentations to help you introduce XL to your colleagues and user manuals to learn how the system works. And if you’d prefer to talk – call: +1-630.875.3600, we love to help (and can save you some reading).

Introducing XLA great place to start if you are new to XL and want a quick overview of Vorne and XL.Click Here
IT BriefExplains how XL is architected, how it interacts with your network, and how software updates are delivered.Click Here
Meet XLXL in more depth, including an interactive scoreboard tour, a description of how XL monitors production, and a summary of built-in reports and analytics.Click Here
Install XLDescribes how to physically install XL, including how to easily integrate XL to your process.Click Here
Configure XLProvides step-by-step instructions for optimizing XL for your specific application.Click Here
Operator TrainingExplains how XL monitors the manufacturing process, how to leverage information on the scoreboard, and how to input information by scanning barcodes.Click Here
XL APIProvides an overview for how the XL API can be used to integrate with other manufacturing systems.Click Here


Every Vorne XL system sold in North America is supported with a 3-year hardware warranty. To review the terms of our warranty policy please click here.

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