The commercial baking industry is unique in how it ranges from huge and very recognizable global brands to much smaller but still very successful local operations. Whether you are a regional subsidiary or a small private bakery, you are likely to face a similar set of challenges. With persistent supply chain shortages, increasing labor costs, and trends toward more health-conscious alternatives, many bakeries have pivoted their strategy to either invest in new equipment that can more easily produce goods that follow new consumer trends, or focus on adapting current equipment to meet those needs. At the same time, many commercial bakers have had to pivot to support new online distribution channels as well as supplying local or retail channels.

Investment in new capital equipment and upgrades to existing lines necessitate new production rates and standards. Bakeries equipped with automated production monitoring and OEE equipment like Vorne XL are able to immediately recognize and analyze these changes, adjust baselines, and set new standards, enabling them to focus on their ultimate goal of servicing the client… efficiently and effectively. They are also well-positioned to help operators by providing them with real-time plant floor feedback through visually impactful scoreboards. Vorne XL moves baking operations far beyond manual data capture to gain critical insights for effectively driving process improvement and actualizing change with 100+ metrics and 20+ data dimensions.

Other benefits of XL that customers love include no software to install, no servers to maintain, no recurring fees, and no contracts. Instead you get unlimited users, free technical support, a 3-year warranty, and free software updates. All in an inexpensive, off-the-shelf product.

Baked goods manufacturing facility.

Driving Improvement for Baking

Our baking customers strive to make something that tastes nostalgic (or alternatively, new and trendy), is health-conscious, and is more affordable and accessible than other options on the market. It is critical to be able to optimize the process while maintaining the product that their customers love.

The Vorne XL Productivity Appliance empowers baking manufacturers to monitor their processes, improve throughput, and maximize efficiency, all while preserving the integrity of their products. XL drops onto your existing process, making it a quick and easy solution that requires little to no changes on the line.

Screen capture from the Vorne XL software depicting a list of production events, one with a comment about why the process went down.

Key Benefits for the Baked Goods Industry

Vorne XL products are completely agnostic to the type of equipment in your manufacturing process. This is a huge advantage as you can easily apply XL to any line and get the same wealth of information. XL includes I/O to integrate with your process, a scoreboard for your operators, and built-in reporting for your managers. It scales from machine to enterprise. Monitor your depositors or dividers, ovens, mixers, freezers, cartoners or boxers, and other equipment with one solution, quickly seeing benefits such as:

  1. 1
    Reduce Changeover Time Allergen washes are common in the baking industry. Precisely monitor your changeover process and times and encourage your operators to maintain or improve their average changeover times.
  2. 2
    Visible Downtime Tracking In many instances, a full baking line may be split between walls or rooms, limiting communication between operators. Having multiple, real-time displays emphasizing when the process has stopped and for what reason is critical to align operators so they can react appropriately.
  3. 3
    Speed and Rate Metrics Baking lines may deploy multi-head depositors or dividers, supplying multiple lanes with product. See the impact on performance if a lane goes down in real time as you monitor speed and rate in PPM or PPH.
  4. 4
    Historical Production Data and Comments Baking lines deal with variable products that can be influenced by a myriad of external factors when running. The ability to record years of product-specific data along with operator comments is critical to analyzing exceptions in the process and mitigating those exceptions moving forward.
  5. 5
    Automated Alerts Having the next batch of ingredients ready for the line is important to reducing downtime. Set up automated email or text message alerts to notify you when a line is close to completing a changeover, ensuring minimal downtime between batches.

You're In Excellent Company

Vorne XL customers span across 45+ countries and are in virtually every industry - including many in baking. Take a look at a sampling of baking manufacturers that have unlocked the benefits of XL to obtain accurate and actionable data, critical insights, and a foundation for their continuous improvement programs.

Learn More About Vorne XL

We would be happy to show you XL, deep dive into your challenges and your processes, and answer any questions you may have. We also offer free 90-day trials. In fact, we have completed thousands of successful XL trials. Did you know that 91.9% of companies that try XL buy XL?

Metrics, Dimensions, and Dashboards

Vorne XL delivers an incredible data foundation and the tools you need to effectively drive your continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and digital transformation initiatives. With XL you get immediate access to over 100 highly accurate and actionable metrics and 20 data dimensions - in real time and for deep retrospective analysis through historical reporting. There are dozens of built-in reports, and you can easily create your own reporting dashboards.


Vorne XL User Success Stories

XL helps manufacturers in almost every industry improve their process productivity. You will love our free support, free software updates, 3-year warranty, transparent pricing, fast implementation, and of course, the wealth of product features. That is why we have so many customers that share their success stories.

Baking Specialties

Our XL Productivity Appliance, with its fully integrated OEE reporting system, works well across an extremely broad range of baking industry specialties. Here are some of the more common specialty areas where XL is used:

  • Artisan Bread Production
  • Bread Production
  • Biscuit Production
  • Cake Decorating
  • Confectionery Production
  • Cookie Manufacturing
  • Frozen Dough Production
  • Gluten-Free Baking
  • Industrial Baking Operations
  • Organic Baking
  • Pastry and Cake Making
  • Pastry Dough Laminating
  • Pie and Tart Making
  • Ready-To-Eat Meals Production
  • Specialty Dessert Manufacturing
  • Vegan Baking
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