XL HD PRODUCTIVITY APPLIANCECompact device. Huge impact.
The XL HD is a compact edge computing device with fully integrated hardware and software for monitoring and radically improving production. Simply connect power, hook up one or two sensors, and XL instantly delivers 100+ metrics and 20+ data dimensions. Add any size flat panel display to display plant-floor metrics for your operators. Digital transformation made easy.
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Same great web interface, new small footprint.

EthernetLeverage network connectivity with browserbased reporting and configuration. Your data stored securely behind your firewall.
HDMI®Utilize any size TV or monitor as an operator scoreboard. See real-time metrics from anywhere on the plant floor.
USBConnect a barcode scanner for easy operator data input. Scan down and reject reasons. See exactly where to improve.
24V DC Power InPower from your 24V DC power bus or an external power supply (included).
Digital Inputs (6)Wire to one or two sensors (e.g., photocell or proximity) to capture counts and cycles. From this, XL generates 100+ metrics.
OLED and Gesture SensorSee real-time metrics and diagnostics. Swipe left or right to page through screens.
Production State IndicatorGlows green, red, amber, or blue to indicate the state of your line. Features custom LEDs for vibrant colors visible from across your factory.
Relay OutputProvide extra annunciation to remind operators to scan reasons.

XL HD is a small but powerful IIoT edge computing device that captures, stores, analyzes, and reports your manufacturing data - providing convenient access on your network. Download the XL HD data sheet.

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Any size fits all.

The XL HD includes an HDMI port so you can connect any size plant-floor scoreboard you want. XL automatically generates beautifully formatted contextual information that is optimized for your operators.

When your process is running, XL shows you the current state of your production line, how long you’ve been in that state, from one to five KPIs (that you can choose), a live chronogram that shows you exactly what happened during your shift, the part you are currently running, and the time.

XL HD Run Screen

When your process is not running, the focus shifts to helping you return to production. XL HD uses sensors on the line to detect the state of your process. It then displays any anomalies it detects during the shift in real time. It notifies your operators of planned events (i.e., Changeovers or Breaks) and unplanned events (i.e., Running Slowly or Down) with clear visuals on the scoreboard that immediately call attention to the exact state of the process.

XL HD Part Change Screen
XL HD Break Screen
XL HD Down Screen

THE PRICE: $3,990

A one-time cost, with no surprises.

  • No hidden fees
  • No recurring fees
  • No maintenance fees
  • No support fees
  • No custom software
  • One-time cost
  • Unlimited users
  • Free software updates
  • Free technical support
  • 3-year warranty
XL HD OEE Dashboard
XL HD Down Time Dashboard

XL provides instant access to 60+ built-in reports and makes it easy to build an infinite variety of custom reports. Connect a barcode scanner to make it easy for operators to scan reasons. The XL HD interfaces with standard 2D USB barcode scanners, and Vorne also offers barcode kits. The XL HD is $3,990 (USA and Canada). Volume discounts are available. For international pricing please contact one of our international partners.


Same platform, different scoreboards.


The XL810-2 integrates a 50” dual-zone LED scoreboard with the XL IIoT engine - all into one device ($4,990).

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XL 810-2


The XL810-1 integrates a 28” single-zone LED scoreboard with the XL IIoT engine - all into one device ($4,190).

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XL 810


The XL610 integrates an andon-style digital scoreboard with the XL IIoT engine - all into one device ($3,590).

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XL 610


Dive into the details of the XL HD.

Communication Ports(1) IEEE 802.3, 10/100 Mbps, Auto-MDIX, RJ-45 Ethernet
(1) 2.0 USB-A Host, 500 mA current @ 5 VDC (2.5W)
(1) HDMI Out
Power24V DC, 1A
Environmental0° to 50°C ambient
5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Dimension and Weight7.75 x 7.75 x 2.00 in3 | 3 lbs 20 x 20 x 5 cm3 | 1.4 kg
Processing Core32-bit, 1GHz ARM Processor
4GB Flash Memory
512 MB RAM Digital
Digital Inputs and Outputs(6) 5 to 24V DC, Sink or Source
(1) SPDT, 30V DC at 1A, resistive load only relay output

Every Vorne XL sold in North America includes free technical support and a 3-year limited warranty. To review the terms of our warranty policy please click here.

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