International Prices


Vorne operates internationally through a network of Global Reseller Partners. Our partners can help you to buy, install, and deploy XL systems in your company. If there is a Vorne Reseller Partner in your region, all XL sales are handled by that partner.

For pricing in your region, please contact your nearest partner below:

Pricing in Regions with No Global Partner

If you’re located in a region that does not yet have a Global Partner, you can buy XL systems directly from Vorne in the USA based on the prices listed below.

The following prices are for single unit quantities, volume discounts are available for purchases of ten (10) or more units. To learn more about XL, visit this page.

Model NumberDescriptionPrice (USD)
XL810-1XL Productivity Appliance™ – Alphanumeric (1 Zone)$4,690
XL810-2XL Productivity Appliance™ – Alphanumeric (2 Zone)$5,590
XL610XL Productivity Appliance™ – Digital (6 Digit 2.3″ x 3 Line)$4,090
XL 2 UpgradeUpgrade XL platform from version 1 to 2$595
93-0197XL Barcode Scanner Kit – 2D Light Industrial$335
93-0242XL Barcode Scanner Kit – 2D Light Industrial Wireless$780
93-0228XL Barcode Scanner Kit – 2D Industrial$560
93-0245XL Barcode Scanner Kit – 2D Industrial Wireless$1,120

To learn more about barcode scanner options, click here.

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