XL800 Productivity Appliance™


The XL800 features a visually expressive graphics display that embeds real-time performance data into a virtually unlimited number of screens – instantly responding to plant floor events as they occur. Like all XL products it is a complete platform for production monitoring and performance management. In fact – the only difference between XL models is the type of plant floor visual display.

This page includes information specific to the XL800: how to order, pricing, and specifications. For a detailed description of features (e.g. production monitoring, performance management, integrated data historian, analytics, browser interface, etc.) please refer to the main XL page.

Image of XL 800 displays.
XL models top to bottom: XL800-32080T (80 Columns, Tricolor LED), XL800-32160T (160 Columns, Tricolor LED)

How to Order

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XL800 Models

The following prices are for single unit quantities. Volume discounts are available for purchases of ten (10) or more units.

XL800-ABC Example: XL800-32080T

ADisplay Rows32 = 32 Rows
BDisplay Columns

080 = 80 Columns

160 = 160 Columns

CDisplay ColorT = Tricolor LED
Model NumberDescriptionPrice
XL800-32080T32 x 80 Pixel, Tricolor LED Display$4,190
XL800-32160T32 x 160 Pixel, Tricolor LED Display$4,990

Pricing shown is for North American customers in USD. Contact us for international pricing.

XL800 Options

The following is a list of available options for the XL800 lean manufacturing tool. All XL barcode kits include a barcode scanner, 25′ cable, and power supply.

Model NumberDescriptionPrice
EXP-116 Input Expansion Inputs$349
EXP-26 Relay Expansion Outputs$249
93-018425′ XL Barcode Interface Cable (included with kit)$28
93-01972D Light Industrial Barcode Kit$298
93-02272D Light Industrial Wireless Barcode Kit$698
93-02282D Industrial Barcode Kit$498
93-02452D Industrial Wireless Barcode Kit$998
SVC-001Professional Services (1-Hour Block of Reserved Engineering Time)$150

Pricing shown is for North American customers in USD. Contact us for international pricing.


Visual Display

Display Rows32 Rows
Display Columns80 or 160 Columns (See How to Order)
Display ColorTricolor LED


8 Standard Inputs

5 to 24 VDC (Sinking or Sourcing)

Up to 4,000 Hz

16 Expansion Inputs

5 to 24 VDC (Sinking or Sourcing)

Up to 10 Hz

1 Standard Output

250 VAC, 1 A Resistive Load

30 VDC, 1 A Resistive Load

SPDT Relay

6 Expansion Outputs

250 VAC, 1 A Resistive Load

30 VDC, 1 A Resistive Load

1 Output SPDT Relay, 5 Outputs SPST Relay

Communication Ports

Ethernet Port


Automatic Crossover Detection

Full- or Half-Duplex

Serial Port 1


300 to 115,200 bps Baud Rate

Serial Port 2

RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 (DIP Switch Selectable)

300 to 115,200 bps Baud Rate

Operating Conditions

Power Requirements

Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Current: 2.0 or 3.3 A (Depending on Model)

Power: 130 or 230 Watts (Depending on Model)

Operating Temperature32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) Ambient
Operating Humidity5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)

Dimensions and Weight

The following are the dimensions and weight for the XL800 lean manufacturing tool. The dimensions shown represent the height, width, and depth (H x W x D) of the product. The same 13.7″ (35 cm) height and 3.5″ (9 cm) depth dimensions are shared by all XL800 models.

Model NumberDimensionsWeight
XL800-32080T13.7″ x 26.2″ x 3.5″ (35 cm x 67 cm x 9 cm)19 lb (9 kg)
XL800-32160T13.7″ x 50.2″ x 3.5″ (35 cm x 128 cm x 9 cm)33 lb (15 kg)
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