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A universe
of information.
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Improvement made easy.

Two sensors. Two hours. Done.

Sensor 1: Total Count from your constraint.

Sensor 2: Good Count from the end of the process (or a Reject Count).

Optionally add a barcode scanner to provide down reasons and a network connection for instant reports.


Improvement made easy

Precise downtime.

Accurate. Automated. Unbiased.

Get ready. you're about to see your true downtime. Every stop. Every second. Every detail. It's exciting and it's intimidating, all at the same time.

Most companies are shocked to discover their true downtime. Even if you don't know it, it's still there. And once production time is lost — it's lost forever.

Model XL800 showing “LINE DOWN!” message

Instant OEE.

The end of manual tracking.

Imagine OEE that is so fast and so accurate that you can instantly respond. Instantly react. Instantly improve. That's XL. Information. Decision. Action. Results.

Trended KPIs

Real time. Right now.

Production at a glance.

Green means running. Red means down. Blue means setup. Yellow means standby. Grey shows shifts (top) and jobs (bottom). Simple. Elegant.

Total Production Timeline

Shine a light on losses.

Blinding clarity on what to fix next.

It's a simple idea. But refreshingly new. Look at production from the perspective of your top losses. With crystal clear trend indicators and sparklines (miniature graphs) that convey an entire story in a glance. With a singular focus on improvement.

Top Losses

Understand the past.
Improve the future.

Every shift. Every job. Every day.

It's your information. Use it. XL provides instant access to your most recent 1,000 shifts and jobs. And it's incredibly easy to access that information. View it in XL. Export it to Excel. Query it with SQL. Your information. Your choice.

Excel Spreadsheet

All seeing. All knowing.

Any line. Any time. Any where.

See all of your production in a single glance. Know instantly when your lines are down. Know exactly where to focus your attention. Win the shift. Win the day. Win the year. It's the perfect manager's tool.

Multiple Asset View

Everything you need.

And more.

XL is a fully integrated “bolt-on” solution. Hardware and software working seamlessly together in one device. Any machine. Any line. No changes to your process. No changes to your equipment.

XL on a Network

Upfront pricing.

$3,790 per line for our most popular XL.

Simple, transparent, fixed cost.

No annual fees. No licenses. Free support.

Price Tag

Simple. Simple. Simple.

Call today. Install tomorrow.

Easy to buy. Easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to adapt to your process.


We know manufacturing.

Experts. Expertise. At your service.

Vorne. Trusted advisors. Improvement experts at the leading edge. Inventing and innovating. Multiple patents awarded and even more pending. Experienced across a wide range of industries.

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