XL Image Gallery

Every XL product includes all the features shown in this Image Gallery. In fact, the only difference between XL models is the type of visual display.

Production data rollup organizes production information to match your heirarchy

Production Data Rollup

Monitor lost production time with Total Production Timeline

Total Production Timeline™

Easily view historical downtime by reason

Top Down Time Reasons

Create custom web-based manufacturing KPI dashboards

Create Your Own Web Pages

Calculate and analyzse downtime metrics and trends

Spot Down Time Trends

Vorne XL offers Mobile iPhone interface

Mobile Interface

Automatically generate barcodes for reason codes, changeovers and more

Automatically Generate Barcodes

Analyze production data with direct Excel exports

Export Directly to Excel®

Generate custom production reports

Instant Production Reports

Parts database for production standards

Parts Database

Vorne XL online documentation and user manual

Online Documentation Center

point and click configuration for tailored configuration

Integrated Configuration Tools

XL600-3T production scoreboard provides real-time manufacturing data

XL600-3T Multiple Line Display: $2,990

XL800 Production scoreboard with plant-floor data

XL800-32080T Graphics Display: $3,990

Increase factory productivity with positive reinforcement

Great Job Team!