What's New With XL?


XL is a platform for improving manufacturing productivity. The most important feature of XL is EASY. Our goal is nothing short of making it incredibly easy for you to improve manufacturing productivity.

Our newest software (version 2.0 and higher) runs on an entirely new hardware platform, with an order of magnitude increase in processing power and an entirely redesigned data model. For existing XL customers, drop-in hardware upgrades are available; however, data and configuration are completely new, so they do not port across. XL units on the previous hardware platform can be upgraded for $495, with a specially discounted price of $295 for units purchased in the past 12 months. Compare versions or read below about latest release features.

Version 2.9 New Features (June 2019)

Teams and Labor

Track and analyze labor metrics

Includes tools for analyzing any of the 100+ XL metrics by the new team dimension as well as adding a brand-new set of metrics for labor analytics. We’ve also added a new Teams and Labor ‘deep dive’ page for instant out-of-the box analytics. Of course, you can also incorporate the new team dimension and labor metrics in your own dashboards.

Simplified Cycle Metrics

Now aligned to the Six Big Losses

We’ve simplified and improved XL cycle metrics to make it easier to assess the impact of cycle times on productivity. This includes aligning cycle metrics with the Six Big Losses, with a focus on Run Cycles and Small Stops. We’ve also added a new Equipment Cycles metric to support cycle-based asset care programs. And we’ve updated the Speed Loss page (now called Performance Loss) with new features, like the ability to validate ideal cycle times for each part.

Improved Top Losses

Refreshed interface, new functionality

Top Losses is one of the most popular and powerful features in XL. In fact, many companies use it as their “continuous improvement roadmap”. Now it includes a KPI bar with OEE and underlying losses of Availability, Performance, and Quality. The KPI bar includes metrics, trend information and sparklines to provide context to your top losses.

Filtered Analyze Pages

Powerful filtering for deep dives

Our eight dedicated analytics pages provide deep dives into OEE, Six Big Losses, TEEP, Down Time, Changeover, Performance Loss, Quality Loss, as well as Teams and Labor. Now you can filter information on any of these pages by Shift, Part, Team, Production Phase, and Shift Hour. Dive deep by homing in on exactly what you want to see and explore.

Mobile-Friendly Navigation

Optimized navigation for phones and tablets

We’ve redesigned our navigation bar, control bar, and menus to work seamlessly with full functionality across all device screens from large to small. And, we’ve taken special care to ensure that the most-used features are always fast and easy to access.

Version 2.8 New Features

Andon Page

An information-rich picture of manufacturing.

See a real-time, highly visual picture of the current state of manufacturing. Instantly know where to focus your attention. Green means running. Red means down. Amber means changeover. Blue means not scheduled. View any portion of your asset hierarchy – enterprise, division, plant, or area. Select your favorite KPIs. XL automatically applies metric alerts to highlight areas of concern: amber (may need attention), red (needs immediate attention) or blocked red (deserves strong and immediate attention). Most importantly – take action!

Stacked Chronograms

Compare assets across a synchronized timeline.

The chronogram is a great tool for visually exploring production over time. Now you can stack and compare multiple assets across a synchronized timeline. View an area, plant, division or your entire enterprise. Select any dimension, such as production state, hour, impact, or any of the dozen different perspectives. Stack chronograms on custom dashboards or simply navigate to the all-new Timeline page to see stackable chronograms in action.

Native Excel Export

Any table. Any metrics. Any dimensions.

Now you can easily export data directly to an Excel file. Export tabular data from any page or view, or create your own export formats using dashboard tables with any combination of metrics and dimensions. With XL you always have direct access to all of your data.


Configure and start jobs from XL.

We’ve expanded a popular XL feature called Micro-MES. You can already scan job barcodes and integrate your ERP system with XL using a simple REST API to load job parameters, run the job, and then retrieve the results. Now we’ve added the ability to configure jobs directly in XL and start them with a click of a mouse. Start jobs with barcodes, by clicking a mouse, or via the XL API. Track, integrate, analyze.

Import and Export Parts

Easily manage part configuration.

We’ve simplified and streamlined configuring parts. Import or export all part settings, such as Ideal Cycle Time, Takt Time, Down threshold, and Start with Changeover for up to 1,000 parts. Easily add new parts and update existing parts. Accelerate deployments. Standardize settings. Upload the same part data to multiple XL devices.

Version 2.7 New Features

Help Videos

Guided learning for XL.

Short and focused videos make it super-fast and super-easy to learn XL. Videos are available through on-page help menus or through the all-in-one help videos page. Learn how to use each feature of XL – and even more importantly how to use each feature to drive improvements in productivity. Each video is carefully crafted to make you an expert in that area of XL in just a few minutes.

Help videos for XL Productivity Appliance™

Loss Report Tooltips

Rich analytics for chronograms.

The chronogram and total production timeline are outstanding tools for visually exploring production. And now they are even more powerful. Get a complete loss report for any interval of time in your chronogram. The report includes a time analysis, count summary, OEE metrics, and Six Big Loss details. See complete loss analytics for each and every event, all the way down to individual run events.

Tooltip with complete loss report

Enhanced Time Range Selector

Travel from real-time to historical.

The all-new time range selector is packed with features. Seamlessly travel from real-time to historical with a single click. For example, start at This Shift, click back to Last Shift, and then to 2 Shifts Ago. View sensibly aligned information for multiple assets, even across time zones. Zoom in for more detail, such as exploring shifts and part runs hour-by-hour. Easily reference where you are in time – both start and span. All consistently and quickly across every page.

Time range selector for current and historical production data

Update Captured Reasons

Build a precision information foundation.

Have your operators ever scanned the wrong reason? Forgot to scan a reason? Now its easier than ever to maintain the accuracy of your information foundation. Fill in missing reasons. Update incorrect reasons. Be confident that your decisions are based on accurate data. Login and navigate to Settings > Management > Modify Data > Change Reasons to access this new feature.

Maintain accurate production information by updating reasons

Version 2.6 New Features

XL Enterprise

Cloud-delivered software updates.

XL Enterprise is our cloud-based platform, and in this first release it delivers free software updates to your XL devices. You maintain full control. Decide if you want XL to check for updates automatically. XL loads updates in the background and you simply click to install. It’s that easy!

Cloud-delivered software updates

Shift Hours

Hour-based reporting aligned to shifts.

Hour-by-hour boards are particularly popular in automotive and in lean manufacturing. We’ve brought the concept to XL by aligning hour-based reporting to your shift schedules. Compare hours across shifts regardless of time zones or when shifts started.

Hour-based reporting aligned to shifts

Version 2.5 New Features

XL Plant

Design dashboards to show your entire plant.

XL Plant enables any XL device to rollup data from all other network-connected XLs. Design dashboards with charts and tables that capture whatever information is most important to you – across your entire plant.

Plant-wide production dashboards with XL

Clear Selected History

Keep your data pristine.

Ever have a misaligned sensor? Just starting to use XL to collect information? One piece of incorrect information can erode trust in your data – so keep it pristine. If despite your best efforts, accurate data collection is compromised for a short period of time – clear out just the inaccurate information and make decisions based purely on pristine data.

XL allows you to clear selected data for accurate production data and reports

Improved Part Configuration

Automatic changeovers made even simpler.

One screen for tracking changeovers. Associate a specific changeover reason with each part, a target time, and how the changeover should end.

Simplify production changeover tracking with improved part configuration

Use Your Own Part Barcodes

Scan existing barcodes to start production.

XL makes it easy to use your existing part barcodes to start part runs. In XL, enter your Part ID and part-related settings. At the machine, when the operator scans your existing part barcode XL will match it up and start the part run.

Use your existing production barcodes in XL

Easy Network Configuration

Network Configuration. Simple. Easy.

Not using DHCP? Visit www.vorne.com/set-ip. Generate barcode. Scan barcode. Done. XL is on the network.

Easily configure XL for your network

Automatic Conversion of Down Events

More accurate changeover times.

When XL detects a short down event immediately before a changeover it now runs a quick analysis based counts, cycles, and down reasons, and where appropriate converts the down event to be part of the changeover.

Automatically convert short downtime events to changeovers with XL

Version 2.4 New Features

Locale Selection

Your data. Your country. Your language.

A preview release for internationalization and localization of the browser-based interface. Includes 9 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese) and data formatting for 28 locales. Professional translations will be rolled out with future releases.

Manufacturing data in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese and Japanese


Integrate your ERP system to XL.

XL now includes an Application Programming Interface (API) for programmatically starting the next job. Also includes metrics for Goal Count, Good Pieces Left, and Percent Done, as well as a barcode register for reading job- or part-related barcodes scanned by the operator. Accelerate integration with tools from Vetii | GROUP.

XL job API allows for ERP integration

Improved Reason UI

It’s even easier to configure reasons.

Based on field feedback, we’ve simplified and streamlined the interface for configuring reasons. In addition, each process state (e.g., Down) now has its own reason configuration page making it easier to focus on what matters most for that set of reasons.

Easy to configure process state reasons with XL reason interface

Data Management Fields

A robust data management framework.

We’ve implemented a new framework of system fields that make it much easier to robustly manage data on an enterprise scale. This includes replicating XL data for backup databases and syncing XL data for reporting databases.

Data management fields make it easier to manage manufacturing data for enterprises

Core Concepts

Making powerful easy.

The most important feature of XL is “easy” (we call it XL Easy). We’ve distilled key functionality of XL into simple one-page descriptions called Core Concepts. Each Core Concept presents a set of related concepts that are core to how XL works. With Core Concepts you spend less time learning and more time using.

Easy one-page descriptions of XL Core Concepts

Version 2.3 New Features

All Production

See all your manufacturing processes in real-time.

All Production rolls up metrics across your enterprise – real-time and historical. Drag-and-drop divisions, plants, areas, and manufacturing processes to build an enterprise hierarchy that matches your company. Personalize pages with time range, root, hierarchy, level, and value controls, and save pages with your preferred views. Monitor 100+ manufacturing processes (Chrome recommended for best performance).

XL firmware – Enterprise-wide manufacturing process metrics

Save and Share Pages

Personalize pages with your preferred views.

Create, save, and share Dashboard, Advanced Analytics, All Production, and Historical All Production pages with all of their settings so you can instantly come back to your preferred views. Settings include controls (e.g., time range, dimension, value, and filter controls) or in the case of dashboards configured widgets. Pages can be local (just for you) or shared (available to everyone).

Easily manage personalized manufacturing dashboards by saving and sharing XL pages

Automatically Detect Startup Rejects

A simple way to analyze startup rejects.

XL automatically categorizes rejects that occur during changeovers and initial production as startup rejects (as differentiated from production rejects). You can configure the amount of time that is considered “startup” to best match your manufacturing process. This feature further tunes Six Big Losses and makes it easy to gather useful information without operator intervention.

Automatically detect startup and changeover rejects to help determine Six Big Losses

Faster Reason Configuration

Filter by process state for faster configuration.

Reasons enable operators to provide important information about the state of your manufacturing process with a simple barcode scan. Now it’s faster and easier to configure reasons with the ability to filter reasons by process state – so you can focus on one type of reason at a time.

Filter production data by process state with XL reasons

Version 2.2 New Features

Metric Alerts

Instant alerts when attention is needed.

XL now alerts you when key metrics are out of their desired range. You can configure over 20 metrics (e.g., OEE, Efficiency, Down Loss, Cycle Loss, and Quality Loss), each with four ranges: Normal, Caution, Warning, and Critical. Metrics automatically change color on the scoreboard and web interface based on alert status, and alert notifications are additionally delivered through the web interface.

XL provides production alerts. Instantly know when key manufacturing metrics are out of desired range

Reject Reasons

Comprehensive quality analytics.

XL now provides comprehensive quality analytics, with a reject reason logged with every rejected part. Reject reasons can be logged through digital inputs or barcode scans. An unlimited number of reject reasons can be configured and the resulting data can be charted, trended, and more.

XL provides production quality analytics with reject reasons logged for every rejected part

Run Screen Configuration

Quickly select scoreboard KPIs.

Now you can configure your own run screen – in just seconds. An instant preview shows you exactly what the run screen will look like, including easy-to-change text labels. Each metric can be displayed in real-time for the current shift, part run, or hour.

XL allows for easy production scoreboard configuration. Choose which metrics are on plant-floor display

Hidden Factory Metric

An instant view of your hidden factory.

XL now includes a Hidden Factory Time metric, which measures the gap between fully productive time and all time. This gap includes all losses (including capacity losses), and represents how much production time would be reclaimed if you were running around the clock, making only good parts, as fast as possible, with no down time.

Measure the gap between fully productive time and all time with hidden factory metric

Configuration Backup

Fast backups of device configuration.

Previously, device backups always included production data and configuration data. Now you have an option to only backup configuration, which is faster and creates a smaller backup file. A common application is cloning configuration of XL units for other installations.

Backup device configuration. Smaller backup files. Clone configuration for additional XL installations

Version 2.1 New Features

Data Quality Alerts

Build a better information foundation.

The first responsibility of XL is to provide you with a highly accurate information foundation. After all, accurate data drives better decisions, actions, and results. Now, XL automatically monitors key metrics for data quality and alerts you with recommended actions whenever it encounters suspect values.

XL provides data quality alerts to provide accurate production information

New Improvement Techniques

Best practices distilled to their essence.

Our growing library of improvement techniques provides you with best practices for improving manufacturing productivity. Topics draw from two worlds: manufacturing (such as lean, theory of constraints, six sigma) and personal development (such as coaching, leadership, and self-development). New topics include Six Big Losses, Great Meetings, and Be Your Best.

Library of best practices for improving manufacturing productivity

TPT Improvements

Drill down from big picture to rich details.

Seamlessly drill down from a top-level view of manufacturing as captured by Performance Impact, to additional details about your Process State, to a rich tapestry of detail provided by Process State Reasons. Whenever you see an area of interest, drill down until you reach the desired level of detail.

XL Total Production Timeline to view manufacturing process states and process reasons

Version 2.0 New Features

All New User Interface

Reimagined for super-fast and easy.

We’ve entirely redesigned the XL user interface to make it even more intuitive and easy to use. A larger content area, an all-new command bar, simplified configuration, a universal time range selector with time travel and zoom, and powerful controls for exploring data with dimensions, values, and filters. And that is just the beginning of what’s new.

XL makes it easy to explore manufacturing data with new intuitive interface

Deep Dive Reports

Immediate answers to critical questions.

XL now includes prebuilt reports that answer critical questions, such as “Which parts have the biggest loss impact?”, “What are my down time trends?”, or “How does my changeover time vary by part?” Deep dive into OEE, Six Big Losses, Down Time, Changeover, Speed Loss, and Rejects.

Prebuilt reports including downtime trends, changeover by part, six big losses, OEE, speedloss and rejects


Information exactly how you want it.

Organize information in whatever way works best for you. Create an unlimited number of dashboards from Chart, Chronogram, KPI, KPI Group and Table widgets. Create local dashboards for personal use or share dashboards with your entire team.

Custom manufacturing data KPI and dashboards

Six Big Losses

A unique twist on a classic concept.

We’ve reimagined the Six Big Losses, making them easy-to-understand and comprehensive in capturing your losses. Every loss is automatically categorized as an Unplanned Stop, a Planned Stop, a Small Stop, a Slow Cycle, a Startup Reject, or a Production Reject. Losses are available as percentages or time, and can be viewed from different perspectives, such as Shift, Job, Part, Hour or Process State.

Six Big Losses report with XL to understand and capture manufacturing losses


Extend OEE by adding Utilization.

TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) provides insights as to the true capacity of your manufacturing operation. It takes into account both Equipment Losses (as measured by OEE) and Schedule Losses (as measured by Utilization). It measures the percentage of all time that is truly productive. XL now measures TEEP, Utilization, Capacity Loss, and Capacity Lost Time.

XL measures TEEP, utilization, capacity loss and capacity lost time

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